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Resident Evil Village: Should You Sell Your Weapons?

Here’s everything you need to know about selling weapons In Resident Evil Village.

Weapons have been very integral throughout the Resident Evil franchise. While the focus has been on finding your way through the enemies, the quality of your arsenal decides how smooth your journey will be throughout the game. Resident Evil village is no different, with a variety of weapons and a limited inventory capacity you might have to sell some of your firepowers. Let’s see if you should sell your weapons in Resident Evil Village.

Should You Sell Your Weapons In Resident Evil Village?


We would recommend you sell your weapons, as you might come across a variety of them as you progress further in the game. You can sell weapons as well as their ammo. Selling your weapon will free up that inventory space and enable you to experiment with other weapons as well. This will also get you extra Lei, and we all know how important the in-game currency is in Resident Evil Village. To sell your weapons, go to “Dukes Purse”, select the item you want to sell, and you will get the option for trading it for Lei. Sometimes the Lei offered wouldn’t be much but it’s the inventory space that’s important.

As you progress in the game the difficulty graph gets steeper, although skill might get you through, better weapons will surely make things easier for you. Keep some inventory slots empty as you might find some new weapons on your way.

Players can also sell other items to Duke in exchange for Lei. Before selling the items go through their description, some items can be combined with others as well, so you should sell them after combining as it will increase the value by many folds. While you are selling your weapons, check out our Resident Evil Village Wiki to know what you should fill in those empty inventory slots.