Resident Evil Village: How To Get To Riverbank Treasure House?

Let’s see how to get to the Riverbank Treasure House in Resident Evil Village.

Ethan’s journey through the spooky village is full of high-intensity fights and finding his way through. While you are on your journey to find Ethan’s daughter and get answers for him, you will have to visit a lot of places. One of these places is the Riverbank treasure house. Here’s how you can reach the Riverbank Treasure House in Resident Evil Village.

How To Get To The Riverbank Treasure House In Resident Evil Village?

how to reach riverbank treasure house resident evil village 2
To get to the Riverbank Treasure-house players need to have a Crank. You don’t need to worry about it as getting the crank is a part of the Main storyline so you won’t miss it, even if you wanted to. You will get the Crank in the Moreau area. Once you have the crank head to the Drawbridge. You will see the drawbridge after you head downwards on the stairs. The bridge will be closed and to open it you have to put the Crank in the slot on your right. After putting the crank turn the wheel around to open the bridge. Cross the bridge and on the other side, you will find a boat. Use the Boat Key from Mine-shank to start the boat engine.

Take the boat upstream and stop at the next walkway you see. Get on the walkway and take few steps, you will see stairs covered in Snow. Take the stairs as these stairs will lead you to the Riverbank Treasure-house. The Riverbank house has a lot for you to do, from unlocking trophies to getting ammo and a Golden lady statue as well, so don’t forget to scrape through it thoroughly. As you step into the house you will see a flaming goblet. Shoot at it to light all other lamps, and also use it to burn the Moroaica. You can kill it normally as well but burning it will get you a trophy. Don’t forget to shoot every glowing box on your way to get all the ammo you can. After you are done scouting the house do check out our Resident Evil Wiki to help you guide further in the game.