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How To Get Past Spinning Wheel Of Spikes In Resident Evil Village

Here's how to escape the Spinning Spikes in RE 8 Village.

You will face many challenges in RE8 – some will be tough while some can have simple answers. One such situation arises when you are caught in front of a spiky rolling wheel of death. It’s a very intense scenario and you might even panic when you see those spikes coming towards you in full speed. If they touch you, you will die and this will happen over and over again if you don’t know how to escape the spikes. So, if you are confused about how to get past Spinning Wheel in Resident Evil Village, here’s what you should do.

How to Escape Spinning Wheel of Spikes in Resident Evil Village


You don’t have to really get past the spinning spikes trap in RE8 Village, you have to actually hide to escape them. The wooden box present over there is a distraction, if you break it, you get nothing of value that will help you survive in that moment. It will only lessen the time you have to escape. What you need to do is look behind and walk towards the small gap in the wall. There is space for you to stand there. The rolling spikes will still approach you but Ethan will use it to break free from his shackles. The wheel will eventually slow down and stop.

how to escape spinning wheel spikes resident evil 8 village

After that, there will be a moment of peace when Ethan can catch his breath. Once the spinning wheel of spikes stops spinning, Ethan can crouch and move out from under it. Now, you can go ahead and break the wooden box and collect Lei from it.


That’s how to get past and escape the Spinning Wheel in Resident Evil Village. There’s a lot more you need to know about this spooky and mysterious story. Get all the tips and tricks to get past challenges and discover secrets in our RE8 Wiki guide.