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Resident Evil Village: Where To Find Samurai Pistol And Weapon Charm?

Here’s how you can get the Samurai pistol and Weapon charm in Resident Evil 8.

The wait is finally over as Resident Evil Village is here. Bigger releases like these always have multiple packs for players to choose from, each giving you more than the previous one. The most fulfilling version is the Resident evil 8 trauma pack. The pack has a Samurai pistol, Mr. everywhere weapon charm, RE7 found footage filter, Baker incident report, “Go Tell Aunt Rhody” safe room music, The tape recorder save point, and the tragedy of Ethan Winters concept art. The Samurai pistol and the weapon charm were themselves enough to lure people so Let’s see how you can get all of these in Resident Evil Village.

Where To Find The Samurai Pistol And Weapon Charm In Resident Evil Village?


Resident evil village samurai pistol weapon charm
Unlike many games, you don’t get the add-on items of the pack immediately in the game. This pack only adds the pistol and weapon charm to the store, you still have to buy it using in-game currency. You won’t have to shed much as the Samurai pistol costs you 200 lei whereas the Weapon charm is free. You can buy these from Duke, the merchant we saw in the trailer. The one who sells weapons sitting in the back of his vehicle. Samurai pistol dishes out good damage and reloads fast, but its stand-out feature is its ammo capacity. While many pistols can hold only 6 bullets this one can hold 9.

Other items aren’t that difficult to get. You can get the RE7 found footage filter, tape recorder saves point and the safe room music from the “options” menu. You can see the “options” button on the home screen, select the “special” tab. Under the special tab, you will see the found footage filter, save point, and safe room music. Baker incident report and Ethan’s concept art can be accessed from the “bonus” tab on the home screen. The baker incident report is a good way to step into Ethan’s mindset and know his trauma much better.

Another interesting add-on is the “Village of shadows” difficulty. While players had to reach a certain point in the game to unlock it, with the trauma pack you can play this difficulty from the first minute itself. The trauma pack might be a bit expensive but the list of add-ons certainly makes it a steal deal. In case you aren’t able to access any of these even after buying the pack. Do check if you have also downloaded the content as only buying wouldn’t add all of it to your game.


We would highly recommend you to go for the Trauma pack and to know more about the RE Village and make the most of the trauma pack check out our Resident Evil Village Wiki.