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How to Exit Hall of Pleasure In Resident Evil Village

Trapped in the Hall of Pleasure? We will help you find the key to open that door.

There is no shortage of surprises in the survival horror game Resident Evil Village. The contrast between going all out with the full-blown violence to just taking time off to solve some brainer puzzles is appreciative. The maps can be confusing at times and finding some of these locations can be a task too. With the Hall of Pleasure, getting out of is also tricky. If you are stuck in this room and cannot find a key or a way out of the Hall of Pleasure in Resident Evil Village, keep reading this guide where we have provided an exit.

How to Exit The Hall of Pleasure Resident Evil Village


Mount Locations

After defeating the second sister in Resident Evil, you will have to find a way to exit the armory first. Once you defeat the sister and are out of danger, you will need to look for a mounted animal skull in the armory. You will find it right opposite the entrance, above the fireplace. Collect the skull and once that happens, the metal doors of the entrance will reopen.

Mounted Skull
Follow the staircase passage downstairs. At the end of the stairs, go through the small opening in the wall that you see in front of you and you will reach the hall of pleasure. Here, you will see a statue on your right and the main door on your far left that will be locked.


 Exit Hall of Pleasure Resident Evil Village
The key to exiting the Hall of Pleasure is this mounted animal skull that you picked up from the armory after the second sister fight. Go to the statue in the Hall of Pleasure room and select the mounted animal skill. When you select it, rotate it so that the backside of it is visible to you. Here you will get the option to ‘Examine‘ it. This will separate the skull and your inventory should now show the item as ‘Animal skull‘. Use this animal skull as a key to fit in the statue and there you go. The door will open.

 Exit Hall of Pleasure Resident Evil Village

So that is all for our guide on how to exit the Hall of Pleasure in Resident Evil Village. If you would like to know more about the game, head on to our RE Wiki page.