What Is The Correct Order For The Film Puzzle In RE Village

It's movie flashback time for Ethan!

The Film Puzzle is part of the Doll Workshop Mannequin Puzzle in Resident Evil Village. The main task is to get out of the creepy Beneviento house. Completing the Film Puzzle will give you access to a pair of scissors which in turn will allow you to get a medallion that opens a secret door. So let’s find out what is the correct order for the films in Resident Evil 8.

What order to place the Film Reels in Resident Evil Village

  1. Rose’s best friend in the whole wide world.
  2. She really likes this fairytale.
  3. The most important thing in the world to us.
  4. A wedding gift for grandma.
  5. Proof of Ethan’s everlasting love for me.

This is the order in which the film reels are supposed to be arranged. Look at the image below to understand better.

Resident Evil Village: Correct Film Puzzle Order

Getting the film reel

Once you have unlocked the workshop door, you will enter a dimly lit hallway. Go all the way to the end of this hallway and turn right. At this moment a door on your left will open up. Go into this room and you will come across a Wedding Box.

This is where you can use the Winding Key. Once you interact with the wedding box you will see that you have to change the positions of the Tumbler. Interact with these tumblers and set them in the right order. To do that you will have to align the scratch marks on the tumbler. Once they are in the right order you can wind up the Key. After doing that you will see that a compartment opens up on the bottom. Inside you will find a pair of tweezers. Come back to the Mannequin Room and interact with the doll again. Inside the mouth of the doll, you will be able to find a film reel using the tweezers.

Resident Evil Village: Correct Film Puzzle Order

Once you have the reel go back to the main hall. Keep going further than before and you will come across a study room. Enter this study room and you will see a Film Projector. Besides the projector, you will see a folder. Interact with this folder and you will get the order in which to place the film reels.

Resident Evil Village: Correct Film Puzzle Order

Look at the image above as this is the correct order of the reels. Play the tape and it will show a short film. After this, the projector screen will fall down showing a secret corridor. Go into the secret corridor and move towards the right. You will see a doll here holding a scissor.

Using the scissors

Take the scissor from the doll and look downwards. Here you will see a small opening that is covered with bandages. Cut open the tape and you will find yourself in the hallway. Go back to the mannequin room now. Use the scissor to cut open the bandage. Doing so will reveal a Brass Medallion. This will be used to open the secret door.

This is everything you need to know about the correct film order in Resident Evil Village. If you are stuck with the Doll Workshop Puzzle find out how to clear it by looking at the interlinked article. Also, make sure you have a look at our complete Resident Evil Wiki.