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Everything you need to know about Days Gone

Days Gone put you in the shoes of an outlaw rider who is trying to survive in the hostile world infested with zombies, gangs, and cults. There are tons of things you can do in Days Gone from gathering items to buying weapons and killing a horde of zombies. But it requires preparation, in this Days Gone wiki guide you will get tips and tricks, guides, collectible locations, weapon tips, freakers tips and more. So if you are playing this game then in this Days Gone wiki guide you can find things lot of informative guides.

Review & Opinions

  1. Days Gone Review: A fun game to play if you are patient enough and want to take your time, then this game makes perfect sense but if you rush into the game and try to complete it at the soonest, it somehow feels repetitive and troublesome.

Days Gone Money Farming, Skills & Level Up Guides

  1. Level Up Fast And Earn More XP: XP will help you to buy new skills, read our guide to find how you can earn XP fast through different activities in Days Gone and Level up your character with best skills.
  2. Farm Credits Fast And Free: Want more credits there are some tips you can try out to get them for free.
  3. Change Aim Sensitivity: Settings tips to adjust aim sensitivity to enhance your attack.
  4. Unlock Fast Travel Points: Save time and fuel by unlocking fast travel, learn the requirements.

Days Gone Collectible & Locations Guides

  1. How To Find Scrap & Carry More Scraps: Scraps are important to fix bike and weapons, in this guide, you can find where to search for scraps in Days Gone and how to carry more, like increasing your capacity to carry scraps.
  2. Herbology Plant Location: 33 Herbology plants location in Days Gone. Collecting all of them will reward you Broken Roadshow trophy.
  3. All Horde Locations In 5 Regions: Region-wise map location for more than 40 hordes in Days Gone. Time to end Freaker problem.
  4. Berley Lake Infestation Locations: Map location to find all four nest in the Berley Lake region of Days Gone.
  5. Pioneer Cemetery Hidden Nero Injector Location: Get a Nero injector without dealing with Freakers and unlocking Nero cabin.
  6. Pioneer Cemetery Nest Location: Map location to find all three nest in the Pioneer Cemetery region of Days Gone.
  7. Freaker Ears Location: Freakers ears can be exchanged for currency in Days Gone, learn where you can find them.
  8. 12 Nero Check Points & Micro-Recorder Collectible Location: 12 Nero checkpoint locations in Days Gone, map screenshots guide.
  9. All Crafting Recipes: All Consumable, Weapon, Explosive, Ammunition and Bait crafting recipes.

Bike Tips and Tricks – Upgrades, Repairs, Performance, etc.

  1. All Bike Upgrades & Cost: Find how many and what type of upgrades are available for Bike. What is the cost to unlock Bike upgrades and other details?
  2. How To Get Fuel: You have to refill your bike tank with enough fuel to ride, learn where you can find gas and how to refill.
  3. How To Upgrade And Customize Bike: Tips and tricks to upgrade and customize your bike.

Days Gone Tips and Tricks

  1. Beginners Guide: From Small Things To Fighting a Horde, You Cannot Miss These Tips.
  2. Drug Stash Multiple Choice: Learn the consequences of picking one from the two choices.
  3. How To Unlock Secret Ending: Want to see the secret ending then read our guide it has a different climax.
  4. Survivors Guide: You will find survivors in Days Gone, you have to first save them and send them to camps to gain trust.
  5. Fastest Way To Build Trust & Get Upgrades: Tips on earning camp trust and get new upgrades.
  6. Free Days Gone PS4 Theme: Get a free amazing looking Days Gone theme, step by step
  7. PS4 Controls Guide: Complete On Foot And Bike Controls Details.
  8. Survival Vision Tips: Track Footsteps, Find Clues Tips.

Days Gone Skills Guide

  1. Top Melee Skills To Unlock First: Best Melee skills to unlock first, learn what they do and how much skill points required to unlock top Melee Skills.
  2. All Melee Skills: List of all 15 Melee skills in Days Gone skill tree, what they do and how much skill point is required to unlock each Melee Skill.
  3. Top Survival Skills To Unlock First: Best Survival skills to unlock first, learn what they do and how much skill points required to unlock top Survival Skills.
  4. All Survival Skills: List of all 15 survival skills in Days Gone skill tree, what they do and how much skill point is required to unlock each Survival Skill.
  5. Top Ranged Skills To Unlock First: Best Ranged skills to unlock first, learn what they do and how much skill points required to unlock top Ranged Skills.
  6. All Ranged Skills: List of all 15 Ranged combat skills in Days Gone skill tree, what they do and how much skill point is required to unlock each Ranged Skill.

Days Gone How-To Guides

  1. How To Unlock New Mission And Rewards Guide: Learn how you can unlock new missions and reward in Days Gone.
  2. How To Unlock Secret Ending: Want to see the secret ending then read our guide it has an amazing twist.
  3. How To Get Free Supply From Boozer: Boozer keeps some free supply at the safe house, you can refill ammo, bandages, Molotov crafting items before going on a mission.
  4. How To Increase Deacon’s Stats: Boost Deacons stats to make him stronger in Days Gone.
  5. How To Defeat And Evade Horde: Want to kill hundreds of Freakers then read our guide it will help you in fighting an entire horde of zombies.
  6. How To Find Freakers Nest: Tips on finding and destroying freakers nest in Days Gone, also learn what awards you will earn after destroying a nest.
  7. How To Complete ‘Drugged Outta His Mind’: Learn how to complete a side mission where you have to case a bike rider.
  8. How To Change Time: Freakers are less active during day time, and aggressive during the night, learn how you can change the time.
  9. How To Increase Inventory Capacity: Want to carry more item them read this guide.
  10. How To Create Manual Save Files: Tips on how to create a manual save files for Days Gone, you can use these files to start the game from the last checkpoint.
  11. How To Use Photo Mode: Days Gone Photo Mode guide, learn how you can click impressive pictures.
  12. How To Change The Difficulty And Aim Snap: Want to change game difficulty settings then refer to this small guide.
  13. How To Roll And Dodge And Upgrade Stamina: Rolling and dodging attacks is important, it will allow you to quickly escape from hordes and gangs and it consumes stamina.
  14. How To Increase Health, Stamina, And Focus: Tips on increasing three important attributes of Deacon, without these stats you cannot survive for long.

Days Gone Boss Fight Guides

  1. How To Fight Bear Boss: Want to kill a huge bear then read this guide, learn in which mission you will face the animal.
  2. How To Kill Breaker Zombie: Two-step method to kill a Breaker Zombies, the boss fight guide will help you to kill him easily.
  3. How To Kill Armored Enemies: Finding hard to take down Nero soldiers, then read this guide for details. h
  4. How To Defeat Carlos: Tips on killing the ripper gang boss Carlos.
  5. How To Beat All Types Of Freakers: Learn how to take down the horde, newts, screamers, breakers, reachers, runners, ragers, and criers.
  6. Instantly Kill Horde Of Freakers: Some tips on dealing with a big horde of freakers in Days Gone.

Days Gone Weapon Tips & Tricks

  1. Where To Get Suppressor for Pistol: Pistol suppressor location, an important upgrade to silence your weapon.
  2. Upgrade And Fix Melee Weapons: Learn how you can upgrade and fix your melee weapon in Days Gone.
  3. Unlock Machete Early: Machete is better than a simple bat, learn how you can get this weapon fast in the game.
  4. Unlock Different Types Of Crossbow Bolts: Learn to unlock Residue Bolt, Poison Bolt, Incendiary Bolt, and Explosive Bolt.
  5. Increase Ammo Storage To Max: Tips on how to get max ammo in Days Gone. Also, learn how to craft Ammos.
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