Days Gone Melee Weapons: How to Upgrade and Fix Melee Weapons

Fix, Repair and Upgrade Melee Weapons

The best things about Days Gone is that you do not need to repair firearms as they never get used up rather you just have to keep an eye on your melee weapons to repair them from time to time. This guide will show you how to upgrade, craft and repair melee weapons in Days Gone. So without any further ado, let’s begin with are melee guide.

How to Upgrade Melee Weapons in Days Gone

Upgrading melee weapons will offer you to make the weapon much more durable and stronger with more attacking abilities. Upgrading these weapons will help you ease the task of using them wither effect on enemies. Before you can upgrade your melee weapons you will need to unlock the skill named Field Repairs from the melee category.

How to Repair Melee Weapons

This skill is available in the game at the earliest which gives you the ability to have them from the offset.

Further in the game if you unlock the skills Hard Hitter skill and Home Run skill. These will offer you more damage with your current melee weapon and increases your stats at the same time.

You can check up the current state of your weapon with its modification and health in the bottom left corner of your screen highlighted in white.

The health indicator shows the weapon and how the healthy it is at the moment.

days gone melee weapons uses

Do not let the percentage to drop below the 20% mark as it may lead to your weapon being damaged and you could lose the weapon altogether.

In order to fix the weapon all you have to do is press L1 to bring up the survival circle and select the melee weapon to fix.

You will require scraps as the more damaged your weapon is the more scraps it will require to fix it again.

This is how you can upgrade your melee weapons and fix them when in need. Do check our other Days Gone Guides, Tricks and Trips to survive longer in the game.

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