Days Gone: How to Defeat Bears | Hunting Guide

Take down bear tips

With the constant threat of Freakers attacking you at any instance, you also have to be wary of animals in Days Gone that can come and attack you. Animals are freakishly strong and bears are the strongest and the toughest animal you will face in the game. This guide will show you how to take down bear in Days Gone.

The bear from the ‘Lots of Sick People’ mission

As you get to the end of the mission titled ‘Lots of Sick People’, Deacon will encounter a girl named Lisa, it is your objective to find her. You will see the bear when you take Lisa back to the motorcycle when you are around the gas station. The bear is highly buffed in HP and can be a bit difficult if you try to attack it head-on.

How to defeat the bear in Days Gone

The bear as in his natural state, a very strong animal and human strength cannot be matched with this brute, instead, you have to be crafty and keep as much distance as possible from yourself and the bear.

Make sure you have plenty of Molotov cocktails in your inventory as you will need them. Also if possible take down the freakers in the area before you go battle the bear as they will otherwise prove to be a nuisance.

When you plan to initiate the fight with the bear, make sure you throw a bottle of molotov cocktail beforehand which will keep affecting the bear as he will be burning up. Keep throwing Molotov every time the flames go out.

The second thing you have to make sure is to locate the white gas canisters and shoot them as soon as the bear approaches it, this will cause a lot of damage to the bear and will be easier to shoot it from a distance.

Always maintain a good distance from yourself and the bear and dodge and roll cover to get out of tricky situations.

You can hide and take cover from the bear, by going through narrow areas and doors. You could also hide inside buildings if the bear is chasing you. Alternatively, try to find a roof or a balcony to shoot at the bear as the bear will be helpless as you take it down.

The bear Rager in ‘Mayday! Mayday!’ mission

days gone defeat bears

There is another bear in the main storyline that you have to encounter, but keep in mind that this bear is infected with the same virus as the freaker and this one can be a bit aggressive.

The same principles apply here as well, by this time you should have a good sniper rifle so as soon as you hit the bear with a Molotov. Take out your sniper and land as many shots as you can. This will drastically damage the mutated bear and it will be easier to kill it.

Here too you will be able to see a while gas canister, shoot at them when the bear is closeby to inflict maximum damage to the bear.

This is what you should keep in mind when you face an encounter with bears in Days Gone. Make sure you check out other Days Gone Tricks, Tips and Cheats.

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