Days Gone All Horde Locations In Five Regions – Map Guide

Want to play hard, then fight the horde.

Days Gone has around 40 hordes around the massive open world divided into five regions. In this horde location guide, you can get map screenshots of hordes in Belknap, Cascade, Crater Lake, Highway 97 and Lost Lake regions. Highway 97 has the highest amount of hordes around 13 in one single region. We are able to track down maximum hordes in all five regions, and before you plan to attack do refill your ammo and check the weapons status. Hordes are a swarm of zombies and it is well said never underestimate the power of idiots in a group, so we have some tips you want to check before attacking them. How To Defeat And Evade Horde Tricks. Or else skip and refer the images below to get all the Horde locations in Days Gone.

Region wise Horde Locations Map Guide

Hordes are mostly in a cave, they are hibernating during day time. So it is safe if you attack them during the day, because you can lure them outside the cave entrance and plot traps to kill a group of zombies instantly.

Cascade Region Horde Locations


Days Gone All Horde Locations
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Cascade Region falls on the North East side of Days Gone Map, it is a big region with lots of bushes. There are around eight hordes in the Cascade region below is the list and exact details where you can find them.

  1. Horse Lake Horde: On the road that goes to east from Horse Lake Nero Point. Look for a cave on the left side.
  2. Cascade Highway Horde: North of Horse Creek Ambush Camp, cross the railway bridge and search in the mountain on the east.
  3. Proxy Falls Horde: Look for the stone bridge that lies in the south of Horse Creek Ambush Camp.
  4. White King Mine Horde: While traveling north-west of cascade you will come across a small wooden bridge. Look for a mine.
  5. Death Train Horde: Go south and next to Horse Lake Nero checkpoint you will find the Horde.
  6. O’Leary Mountain Horde: On the North of Safehouse where you drop injured Boozer.
  7. Litter Bear Lake Horde: Look above Little Bear Nero Checkpoints, follow the slope and you will spot the cave.
  8. Grotto Cave Horde: Search on the west of Old Pioneer Cemetery Nero checkpoint. Locate the car part and look in the north side on the hill.

Days Gone Horde locations: Belknap

Days Gone All Horde Locations
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Belknap falls in the west of a cascade an open muddy region. There are around seven hordes in Belknap, and they are not that hard to locate. Just search for caves.

  1. Bear Creek Hot Springs Horde: Directly west of the Bear Creek Hot Springs Ambush Camp, inside a cave near where you visit Sarah’s memorial site.
  2. Belknap Crater Horde: Go to the north-west from Belknap Caves Ambush Camp and search inside the cave near Sarah’s memorial site.
  3. Patjens Lakes Horde: On the northwest of Hot Sprint Camp, look for a short bridge on the left side and search inside Rebel Rock Cave.
  4. Lava Arch Horde: You have to search for a cave with rope fences inside Lava Arch.
  5. Marion Forks Horde: Look at the south of Marion Forks, there is a cave on the east of the road.
  6. Shadow Lake Horde: Take north from Marion Forks Tunnel Nero checkpoint and look on the top of Shadow Lake.
  7. Twin Craters Horde: Walk to the south-east of Belknap and take south-east from the gas station, you will find a cave in your path.

Days Gone Horde locations: Lost Lake

Days Gone Horde locations: Crater Lake
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This region lies in the mid of Days Gone map, there are six hordes’s in this region and they are really far from each other. So you have to do a lot of traveling.

  1. Berley Lake Horde: You have to walk towards the southern border of Lost Last before Santiam Pass. Next, go north-east from the Santiam Tunnel Nero checkpoint and search for the cave.
  2. Metolius Lava Cave Horde: Between Lost Lake and Cascades border, north of Iron’s Mike Camp look for a Metolius Lava Caves.
  3. River Flow Farms Horde: The cave is located on North of Iron Mike’s farm, look next to Nero Research Site.
  4. Sherman’s Camp Horde: Go west of Iron Mike’s Farm and look for a small town called Sherman’s Camp. Look for a shop on the east side and go on the upper level.
  5. Westfire Horde: On the west of Iron Mike’s camp you will come across the lake, look for three buildings. Just before these buildings, you will spot a cave.
  6. Wapinitia Road Horde: Go north of Berley Ambush Camp and look before the main road you have look for a small cave entrance.

Days Gone Horde locations: Crater Lake

Days Gone Horde locations: Crater Lake
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Crater lake region has the lowest amount of horde around three in total. And all these three hordes are located really far from each other.

  1. Mt. Bailey Horde: From Crater Lake go north-west and look on the east of Diamond Lake Camp.
  2. Mcleod Ridge Horde: Go North-east of Diamond Lake camp, you have to enter into the snowy region and look at the bottom of the mountain.
  3. Rimview Ranch Horde: Go north-east of Crater Lake, there is a cave here, you have to search a bit.

Days Gone Horde locations: Highway 97

Days Gone Horde locations: Highway 97
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The highest amount of hordes live in the Highway 97 region of Days Gone. There are thirteen hordes here it going to take hours of hard work to wipe everything.

  1. Solomon Hill Horde: Ride in the north-west direction of Aspen Butte Ambush Camp. You will find the horde in a huge cave.
  2. Beaver Marsh Rest Stop Horde: From north-east of Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway Nero checkpoint you have to look for a windy river in the snowy region. At the foot of the river, you will spot the horde.
  3. Mt. Scott Ski Resort Horde: Walk to the north-east of the snowy region and then follow the river to the north to find the horde.
  4. Sagebrush Point Horde: Walk north-east from Highway 97 from the place where the snowy region ends, you will need to locate a power line and you will find the horde.
  5. Beasley Lake Horde: Look for a small pond on the east of Sagebrush Point Horde.
  6. Chemult Station Horde: On the south of Chemult look inside the train carriages.
  7. Cascade Lakes Rail Line Horde: On the north of Chemult follow the river and you will spot the cave.
  8. Chemult Community College Horde: Close the Nero point at the Chemult Community College you will find a horde.
  9. Groose Gardens Horde: Walk east of Chemult Community college, you will find a horde on the other side of the highway.
  10. Rum Rye Gulch Horde: Go south of Chemult community college and go down the ridge.
  11. Juniper Ridge Horde: Look for a bridge on the west side in the same region and search for a cave.
  12. Friendship Ridge Horde: Go to the east of Gas station before Bare Bay Ambush Camp to find the horde over the river.
  13. Lobert Draw Ridge Horde: Walk south to Pillette Bridge Nero checkpoint near the railway line.

Now you know the locations of all hordes in Days Gone in all five regions. You have to be prepared before taking them and one good tip I want to share is run if you find yourself surrounded. Just run away and come back after some time.

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