Days Gone: How to Defeat and Evade Horde Tricks

Locate all Horde and Defeat them

Freakers are everpresent in Days Gone and you will encounter them on a regular basis, though taking them down one at a time can be easy the horde is a completely different type of a being where a large number of freakers attack together with a hive mind mentality.

How to Fight Horde in Days Gone

Though Hordes are always present in Days Gone, you do not have to fight every horde that you encounter.

You can choose to evade the horde and save yourself, it is advised that you go after a horde only after you have progressed enough in the game and have earned quite a few skills and better weapons.

Make sure that you pick a smaller horde when first attempting to start one which features less than 100 freakers and that you can take most of them out at the same time.

To achieve the platinum trophy to Days Gone you only have to take down one horde in the entire game. Which makes it easier to achieve this trophy and attacking other hordes is completely optional.

days gone defeat horde

How to Evade a Horde

To evade a Horde, the best method is to use Deacon’s motorbike, you can easily outrun the horde on your bike and get to a safe zone as far as you can.

If you escape a horde you can always go back to the same site and try to take them down again, once you have upgraded Deacon’s character. Get better weapons and upgrade them before you try to take on the horde again.

If a freaker spots Deacon, try to find an escape route as soon as possible and if you can try to attack them by funneling them together and throwing an explosive.

A few numbers of missions will require Deacon to get close to the Horde, make sure you are calm and do not raise an alarm.

This is all there is to know about fighting Horde in Days Gone, make sure that you check out other guides for Days Gone Tips and Tricks.

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