How To Complete ‘Drugged Outta His Mind’ – Days Gone

Prasad More
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The Drugged Outta His Mind is a different mission from the rest in Days Gone, though it features the similar mechanics of chasing and locating an enemy. The mission sometimes halts your progress making you unable to move ahead and complete the mission. This guide will show you how to complete the ‘Drugged Outta His Mind’ mission.

The missions involves in tracking a stoned biker who has been aking the lives of several people in the Copeland camp. Deacon has to track him down and discover the bodies of the people that have been killed by him.

The game will actively halt your progress if you have not met the following conditions.

1. You will need a motorcycle to progress further in the mission, that means you either have to take your own beloved motorbike or find another one.

2. The motorbike must have more than enough fuel to complete the mission as this mission takes you on a chase to hunt down the stoned biker. You can go on foot and search for gas cans to refuel your bike.

You can visit the NERO checkpoint near to where you find the bodies of the people who have fallen victim to the stoned biker.

After you have completed these conditions the game will allow you to investigate the bodies that have been washed ashore, as you are searching the bodies you will see the Drifter go by, get on the bike and start chasing him.

After this, your mission progression will be guaranteed and you can complete the following part of the mission with ease and without worrying about lack of fuel.

This is all there is to know about the mission Drugged Outta His Mind in Days Gone

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