Days Gone Secret Ending: How to unlock the Secret Ending Guide

Get ready for some massive twist

Do you miss the Secret ending in Days Gone? No need to worry as we got it all covered with this guide. Days Gone roughly takes 30 hours of gameplay to complete the story mode. You will be facing Freakers, Bandits and numerous enemies during the gameplay, but the twist is when you miss out the secret ending. If you haven’t completed the game already then get ready for some spoilers.

How to unlock Secret Ending in Days Gone

To enable the secret ending, you must first see off the crazy militia and fight the final battle. Once you are done dealing them, watch the credits and wait for Deacon to enter the free roam again. Continue completing the side objectives present in the game Until the NERO scientist O’Brian contacts you and gives the ‘There’s Nothing You Can Do’ mission.

days gone secret ending unlock

Head to the old pioneer cemetery and talk to O’Brien to get a massive twist to the story which you need to see for yourself. Now that you are ready for the BIG game, you also need a secret weapon which can be crafted using the IPCA tech. You also get a crafting recipe for this new secret weapon along with a new custom NERO skin for your bike.

This was the secret ending of Days Gone you need to unlock at the end. Do check our other Days Gone Cheats and Tricks Guide to help you survive longer in the game.

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