How To Change Time In Days Gone – From Night To Day

Freakers are more aggressive in Night, so it is better to hunt in Day.

Changing the time of the day helps you explore the world of Days Gone in its visual contrast other than that you can also take advantage of the time cycle and perform certain tasks during certain times to your benefit and easily get what you want. This guide will show you how to change the time of the day in Days Gone.

How to change the time of the day in Days Gone

The most effective way to change the time in Days Gone is to take some rest and let Deacon charge up before heading out in the open wild. Resting will push a couple of hours ahead of time and you will find that the day has been turned into night and night to day.

There are only certain places where you can rest Deacon though, you can go to sleep on your bed in your camp.

You can also use the hideout at Mountain of O’Leary which you can Boozer arrive to after the prologue of the camp.

If you are at a camp which was previously used by an enemy group you can simply go to the bunkers below the camp and find a bed there to rest.

Nero Stations will offer you a chance to rest Deacon and push time ahead.

Though the sleep time is random and you cannot predict just how much time Deacon will end up sleeping. You can make the most of the different time schedules to perform certain actions which mean that there will be fewer enemies.

  • By changing the time in Days Gone you can
  • Sneak up on enemy territory camps at night when there aren’t completely vigilant.
  • Use can use the cover of the night to check out the lair of the Horde as they come up to the surface during night time.
  • You can destroy a freaker nest during the night as there won’t be many around to defend it.
  • You can visit the freaker nest during the day time which might help you in your adventures.

Few missions in the game are bound by time and will perform during the exact time they are meant to but rest can be done irrespective of time.

You can also speed up some time by using fast travel and going away to further places, the far you travel the more time will be spent but make sure you have enough fuel before you take this option.

This is all there is to know about changing the time of the day in Days Gone.

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