Days Gone: How to Beat All Types of Freakers

Time to take down Freakers

Taking on freakers in Days Gone takes a good understanding of the game mechanics and if you wish to master the art of combat and taking down every type of freaker first you need to understand their behavior. This guide will show you how to beat all freakers easily. There are Total 9 types of enemies you will encounter in the game and this guide will show you how to defeat Swarmers, Hordes, Newts, Screamers, Breakers, Reachers, Runners, Ragers, and Criers.

How to Beat All Freakers Easily in Days Gone

How to take down Swarmers

Swarmers are the easiest type of freakers in the game to take down, they are like the stereotypical zombie just like in every other game and you can easily sneak up on them and take them down.

Headshots mean a confirm kill when it comes to swarmers are they aren’t stacked up on health as much as some of the other in the game.

How to take down Hordes

Hordes are a group of 100’s of swarmers who share a hive mentality and attack at the same time, these can easily take you down so the best bet is to flee and find narrow spaces to funnel them and explode them with napalm molotovs.

It is recommended not to take on a horde until you have the napalm Molotov at your disposal, swarmers will chase you down quickly and surround you so being on the move is essential.

A good enough understanding of the surrounding will help you further as you can take advantage of the elements to take down an entire horde. If you are able to trap them together, take them down with a machine gun is blowing barrels.

How to take down Newts

These are freaker children who can be quick but will not engage to attack you unless they sense that you are low on health, you can easily take them down with melee attacks as they are low on HP.

It is advisable to use melee weapons as they tend to move quickly and crawl while makes aiming troubling.

How to take down Screamers

Screamers are females freakers who will alert others by screaming and giving out their position to others around it. They will run away from you after they spot you and killing them when being unseen is the best option.

How to take down Breakers

These are the strongest types of freakers in the game, as they have a high HP taking them down can be really challenging, to take them down make sure you are undetected and with the perfect opportunity use as many explosives as you can as you may not get another opportunity again after you engage into battle with them.

If you find a Breaker charging towards you, dodge at the vest last second and get some distance before you gun them down. You can also unlock a skill that allows you to stealthily take down breakers which will come in handy if you have acquired it.

How to take down Reachers

These type of freakers will be found late in the game but they will run away from you as soon as they see you and then come rushing towards you. They can be extremely quick and aiming can be difficult if not aware of where they will come from.

Luckily, they are low on HP and you can use your Focused Shot ability to slow down the time and take a perfect aim to down them easily. They will run away when they are damaged and will attack once again this will give you ample enough time for your focus bar to refill again before they charge again.

How to take down Runners

Runners are wolves infected with the virus who can be pretty quick and will chase you down even when you are on your bike, be aware of runners and if possible leave them alone.

To take them down, use your Focus Shot ability and gun them down from a distance, melee attacks do not stun them and can be useless on a runner.

How to take down Ragers

Ragers are the bear version of Breakers in the game, they are stacked with HP and you can use the same techniques in taking down Ragers as you do for Breakers.

Use the ability to dodge as and when necessary and with some distance gun them down with the best weapon at your disposal.

How to take down Criers

Criers are crows who swoop down and attack after hovering above Deacon for a while, they can be difficult to aim at and the best way to take them down is by using the Focused Shot and taking them down while they are in the air.

These are all the tips you will need to take down different types of freakers in Days Gone, make sure you check out other guides for Days Gone Cheats, Tips and Tricks.

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