Days Gone Credits: How to Farm Credits Fast and Free

Farm Money to Unlock Upgrades in the game

This Days Gone Farming guide will show you tricks how to get fast money(Credits) in the game. One of the most important and innovative thing about Days Gone and its currency system is that every camp settlement has their own unique currency and that other camp currencies cannot be transferred, with that in mind this guide. For every camp, you visit you will need to have appropriate currency in order to purchase supplies and other things.

How to Get Money Fast in Days Gone


Collecting bounties is one of the fastest ways to earn credits in Days Gone, all you need to do is take down a freaker and each time you do you will receive an ear. Trade in these ears for trust and credits at the Bounties vendor at the camp.

The fastest way to collect freaker ears is to run them over with your motorbike, this way you can farm them faster. Always have a look at the health of your bike, Deacon can collect ear even when on a bike which makes collecting bounties far easier and faster.

You will also collect more ears as you progress in the game.

Hunting and Gathering

Hunting animals is the only way to collect meat, and the more resources you deliver to the camp, the more trust, and credits you will earn from them. The wildlands in Days Gone is filled with fauna and finding a hunt can be easy if you do not spook the animal.

farm credits days gone

You can also bring in plants to the camp to collect credits, some plants may help you with crafting but the ones that you do not need you can always take them back and exchange for a good amount of credits.

Completing Camp Missions

This is the fastest way to collect a large number of Credits in Days Gone, sometimes you will get a radio signal from the camp leader about a mission.

The missions are usually short and can be completed quickly and these mostly involve assassinating someone, investigating an area or clearing our a raider camp.

Completing these missions will grant you a large amount of Trust and Credits to use in Days Gone.

These are the ways you can apply to collect and farm Credits in Days Gone. Also check out other guide for Days Gone Cheats, Tricks and Tips.

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