Days Gone All Three Pioneer Cemetery Nest Location

How to destroy all three Pioneer Cemetery infestation

Horde infestations in Days Gone are areas on the map where Freaker’s live. During a mission, while chasing the helicopter you will explore a new area Pioneer Cemetery. This place is investigated by the Nero scientist, and there are three nest infestation. In this Days Gone guide we give you the location of all three nests in Pioneer Cemetery and how to destroy them. Before you ride refill your ammo and fuel from the base camp.

Pioneer Cemetery Nest Locations

Below you can find three map screenshot with nest images, one by one visit each and destroy them. There are quite a number of freakers in it, so be ready to attack them.

Pioneer Cemetery Nest Locations 1:

Days Gone All Three Pioneer Cemetery Nest Location

Ride towards Pioneer Cemetery, the first infestation will be in your way. Go to the exact location shown in the map screenshot above and look for a public toilet. The nest is inside, us a molotov to destroy it. If you want you can run away without killing the left freakers the objective is just to destroy the nest.

Pioneer Cemetery Nest Locations 2:

Days Gone All Three Pioneer Cemetery Nest Location

The second is on the left side, go to the left of the statue inside the bushes. Look for car parking and on the left here is a red cabin where you will spot the nest. Burn it and you will clear the second Pioneer Cemetery Infestation.

Pioneer Cemetery Nest Locations 3:

Days Gone All Three Pioneer Cemetery Nest Location

The last one is in the bushes, you have to return to the statue and walk to the east side in the bushes. Look for a huge big red barn and you will spot the nest. Similar to the previous two nests destroy this one and you will earn 1500XP for destroying all three nest. You will also earn +800 Trust for Copeland’s Camp.

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