Days Gone Survivors Guide: Where to send Survivors, Groups, Civilians

earn more credits by saing survivors

Deacon is not alone hiding for Freakers, Bandits and other Enemies in Days Gone. The player will be encountering a number of bandits/ survivors at various locations in the game. This Days Gone guide will show you how to save them from death at the hands of Freakers or bandits and where to send these survivors.

Days Gone Survivors Tips

You will be encountering 2 types of events(random) – Group and Civilians. The Group is nonother than survivors citizens who are imprisoned by bandits or robbers. You need to first take down the enemies who have slaved them, then go ahead and free them from it.

The second group are Civilians just like Deacon who are hiding from Freakers. They can be found in parked cars. Saving them is very easy as you need to kill all the monsters that have attacked the car or nearby them. Once you are done taking them down, simply walk to the civilian and save them.

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Where to send the Survivors in Days Gone

Now that you have rescued the civilians, you must decide where to send them or what to do with the rescued civilian. You can send them to the camps which you have unlocked in the game. There are a total of 3 different camps to choose from.

Check the reward for the “recruitment” of a new person to the camp. If you are being rewarded with credits and trust points(depending on the camp you select) then go for it. For us, iron Mike’s camp works very good as they reward 1000 trust points for new recruits. Remember which camp points are required to get on a higher level of trust. If the points are faily low then send there another rescued civilian.

Whichever choice you make in the game will have only positive consequences. This can either be additional credits or trust points. This was all about where to send the civilians in Days Gone. Do check our other Days Gone Guides, Tips and Tricks.

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