How To Use Survival Vision In Days Gone – Track Footsteps, Find Clues Tips

Learn how to use Survival Vision to track down footsteps, clues, etc.

Days Gone is big and there are objectives like Track Leon where you have to find a drug thief. He can be anywhere in the wilderness. During the starting objective, you will learn to use Survival Vision a very important aspect of the game that you will be using a lot. In this Days Gone Guide, we will tell what are the benefits of Survival Vision and how to use it.

How To Use Survival Vision

Toggle R3 to enter Survival Vision. On the mini-map, you will see Amber Tracking Circle. Search it with R. You will see footsteps on the ground, the dual shock controller will vibrate once you are near to the clue. Keep walking slowly and then press Square to investigate the Clue.

Days Gone Survival Vision Guide

The clue will reveal a holographic image of the person you can track down and it will also reveal the direction where he/she walked or ran away. Follow the path and keep using the vision if you see reach a map region covered in white fog in the map.

Days Gone Survival Vision Guide

Survival Vision reveals the following clues:

  • Footsteps
  • Blood

The minimap will give you white dots, it is like the objective marker, keep following it to reach the next region and there are chances you will see the white fog region multiple times. This is where you will be using the Survival Vision to find out clues of person you are tracking. The mini-map will also reveal your bike locations, you have to return to the same point back from where you started to collect your ride.

We have a Days Gone Beginners Guide that will give you everything you should know before you start the game. Have a look at it.

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