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Days Gone Beginners Guide – Everything You Must Know Before You Start

From Small Things To Fighting a Horde, You Cannot Miss These Tips!

Days Gone is massive, there are zombies, gangs and more to face. The story will take you into everything from jumping from a mountain to diving deep into the waters to find clues. It requires a lot to survive in Days Gone. In this Days Gone Beginners Guide you will learn about types of Zombies, their behavior, weapons upgrades, skills, where to buy good weapons, info on Days Gone Regions, and more.

Beginners Tips and Tricks

Tips To Kill Freakers:

There are different types of Freakers in Days Gone with different types of Behavior. Freakers includes human and animals who are infected by a mysterious virus. Also, there are some tactics you can use to slow them down. Like if you can burn them using a Molotov or Fire Arrows, you get enough time to damage their health at max and kill them with minimum bullets. Avoid melee combat with a horde, Swarmers are pretty aggressive and they inform others about your presence. Avoid making any noise to not to attract swarmers. The best approach is to use a distraction like a stone, throw it on a car to lure swarmers towards the noise. Swarmers cannot see you in a plantation.

Before entering into a Nest, either inside a cave or house, place some bombs on the path of Freakers. By chance, if you came across a big group a lot of them will be died by the explosion. Don’t barge into the Freakers camp without proper planning. Lure them over the proximity bomb traps and then using a good weapon shoot down the remaining one. Use the explosives in the surrounding, a red barrel or a truck with explosive liquids. Lure the horde near them and shoot. You can hear Freakers noises, plus you will also see red dots on mini-map that indicate they are nearby.

Freakers are influenced by weather, snow makes them stronger. One of the biggest tip to stay alive is to run if you are unable to kill every zombie. For example, while destroying a nest there are chances hundreds of swarm out to kill you, run towards your bike and get away from that place.

How To Kill A Big Horde Of Zombies:

Days Gone Beginners Tips

At some places, you will encounter a big group of zombies like one above. Before you feed yourself, try to explore the regions for potential traps. For example, a tied up wooden logs, place a bomb to break free them. Place bombs on trucks with inflammable liquid, or else you will be overpowered. There is no way to get out of the horde once they spot you. So walk around and place the proximity bomb on traps. Next when you lure them to follow the same path and the explosion will cause high damage.

There are overall 40 hordes in Days Gone and during the story mode, you will face one or two or max three. Once you complete the story mode it will unlock the Hordes mode where you have to kill every freaker on the planet. Hopefully, this might lead to some different ending.

A horde of zombies can include from 50 to 500 freakers and it is not possible to kill them all at once. Also, the one you killed will not respawn, but they will grow with time. So you can kill a few hundred go back, gather resources and visit the nest back again to take as much as possible.

Tips To Kill Human Enemies:

Days Gone have different cults who control certain regions, if you have an objective to free one of those then use Mark Enemy to target them one by one. It gives you a clear location of every enemy in the region, where they are and how has seen you. With this knowledge, you can gradually progress towards enemies who are not aware of your presence and perform a stealth kill. If they notice you and attack then use explosives, throw them at the same time avoid if a bomb is thrown on you. Take cover and plan your attacks, Sniper will be the tough one to kill. Similar to Freakers, human enemies will also follow you. Snipers are visible via red laser light, you can avoid them by staying in cover.

Freakers Are More Common And Powerful During Night:

Freakers the so-called Zombies hibernate in their nest during day time. They are way more common during the nighttime So if you have plans to do something in night its better to rest safe house.

Tips for Melee Combat:

Ample of time you will be shot down by a sniper and surrounded by gang members, at that point dodging in an important ability to use more. The sniper can be on a tree, follow the laser light. Investigate the dead bodies for items. Freakers and Human enemies can be killed with Knife. For melee combat only engage when you have a single one left. Or use the stealth mode to attack quietly from behind. Don’t use a Boot Knife, instead replace it with a melee weapon to kill human enemies faster. For example, a bat can be upgraded to make it more lethal, it will take damage and will require regular repairs.

How To Unlock Fast Travel:

Fast travels will be locked at the beginning, you have to clear the Freakers nest in the region to unlock it. It will guarantee you to save travel from one to another. The Bike is the only ride in the game, and traveling to long distances is full of risk. There are gangs, freakers, animals on the road. Keep destroying the Freakers nest you spot in your way and this is how you unlock Fast Travel.

How To Track Footsteps:

Survival Vision is a way to collect clues while you are lost. It can be used when you see a foggy region on the map, it will reconstruct the scene and tell you exactly where the person you are tracking went through footsteps and blood trails. Whenever you spot the foggy region press R3 to enter Survival Vision and follow the trails, the controller will vibrate once you reach near to a clue. You can read our guide – How To Use Survival Vision In Days Gone – Track Footsteps, Find Clues Tips to find out more about effectively using Survival Vision.

Days Gone PS4 Controls Guide

Below are some common controls for Days Gone, to know about full movement controls, bike controls, and weapons controls then read our guide – Days Gone PS4 Controls Guide.

  • Left Joystick – Movement. Click to Sprint or Zoom.
  • Triangle Key – Perform Stealth Kill and Swap Firearm.
  • Circle Key – Crouch (Toggle)
  • X Key – Climb / Should Swap & Drop item.
  • Square Key – Hold to Interact
  • Left Joystick – Bike Steer / Walk Bike.
  • Circle Key – Drift.
  • L2 – Brake
  • L2 – Aim Weapon
  • R1 – Fire


Focus is an amazing add-on, it slows down the time for a while and allows you to get a perfect headshot. Unfortunately, Focus will not remain active every time.

Multiple Choices Will Have Impact on Friends:

Days Gone Why Multiple Choices Matters?

The game has multiple choices, where at one point you have to take decisions. And this will impact your reputation. [SPOILER ALERT] – If you don’t want to know short info from the beginning mission then skip this para and go down, I am just adding this to explain the necessity of choices you make. During an early mission, you will be chasing a drug thief with your best friend Boozer. After catching injured Leon you will have two options to Spare him so that Freakers can eat and give him a painful death or Shoot him in the head to free his soul. If you choose to Shoot then Boozer will appreciate your decision because he hates Freakers and believes no humans deserve to be eaten by them. If you don’t then Boozer steps in and do the job. Every choice impact your reputation which will affect some event in the game.

Kill The Screamer First:

While destroying a nest or taking down a small group of zombies find the Screamer first. If you fail to kill her she will scream and summon an entire horde of swarmers in the region. She can make the fight a lot tougher.

Freakers Ear & XP:

Killing every Swarmer or any other kind of enemy will give you XP, fill up your meters for upgrades. Also, don’t forget to scavenge Swarmer Ear from the dead one. Freakers Ears can be turned into Encampment Bounty Collectors to earn Encampment Trust.

How To Heal:

Days Gone How To Heal Guide

You can heal yourself while reading, press the left D-pad. The health bar will be on left, to survive a return to your camp which is surrounded by fences, the zombies cannot enter inside. Resting at camp is also an important part of Days Gone. It will make you prepare for the next day.

How to Drive Bike:

Days Gone How To Ride Bike

Press L to Steer and R2 to Accelerate. The bike is designed for off-road driving which means it is ideal for bouncy muddy roads. You can drift the bike when you are in speed just hit L2 for brakes. Remember this controls, Bike driving is not tough but staying on track and avoiding obstacles is a challenging task. The bike upgrades will give you some boost like Nitro, but it will not turn your bike into a super bike. Also, too much jump can damage the bike and thus you are forced to hunt for repair parts.

Repair Bike & Collect Fuel:

Days Gone How To Repair Bike

Your ride is prone to damage, you have to gather items through old vehicles and fix your ride every time you progress to big missions. Also, it requires fuel, the gas can be found in red barrels, before you approach an unknown place to scan properly for items locations. The bike will release smoke which means it needs a repair. Repair and fuel percentage is visible when you stand near. Use the bike pouch to carry ammo. To repair your bike while riding, hold Circle. You cannot chase a helicopter without upgrading your bike, following it will lead you to a hidden area.

Collect Herbs for Crafting:

Days Gone How To Get Herbs

Scan the plantations, near trees and forest to find Herbs. They will be used for crafting recipes. You can check the ingredients requirement before you craft an item, for example, an Incendiary Bolt (Special Weapon) requires 1x Cedar Sapling, 1x Rag, 1x Kerosene and 1xScrap.

Search Empty/Abandoned Camps for Supplies:

Days Gone Crafting Items

There are leftover human settlements, empty camps, etc. Search them for supplies, you will get many useful items. Press L1 to check the Survival Wheel. You can see recipes for items for crafting, gather enough items and craft it by pressing R1.

Gain Camp Trust:

There are settlements in Days Gone massive open world, Camps are placed where you get bounties, upgrades, etc. But Deacon St. John is not having good standing, you have to gain trust by doing work for them. One of the missions are rescuing prisoners who will be later sent to the camps and you earn trust. So it’s an important aspect for staying alive.

Repair & Craft Weapons:

Days Gone How To Repair Weapon

Weapons require repair after usage, they are also prone to damage. Also, you will have to craft to add more power, either it’s your bat or a gun, crafting is necessary. Weapon health will be displayed on the bottom left.

Gun Locker:

Days Gone How To Use Gun Locker

The Gun Locker will help you to reclaim your purchased weapon even if you had lost it in the field. The weapon you found on Field will not be present in Gun Locker.


Runners are wolves, they will chase. Escaping them on foot is not possible, but when you are riding don’t fear to jump from high mountains or cliffs, the bike can take the damage. Swarmers can jump on you and throw you out on the road, watch out for them.

Burn The Nest:

Days Gone How To Destroy Nest

To locate the nest follows a huge red mark on the map. These are surrounded by branches and it is the place where Freakers hibernate during the day. The fastest way to destroy a Nest is to burn it, you can use Molotov or Fire Arrows to completely destroy a nest. Another way is to throw gas cans on the nest region and shoot it with a bullet. At all cost, you have to create fire to burn things down. If you find a Gas Can press L2 and use R to Aim and R2 to throw it. Then shoot to cause an explosion. Before you throw it, carry it to the Bike to Refill your tank.

Buy Upgraded Weapons From Camp:

There are different survivor camps, some of them sell upgraded weapons. So getting weapons only from drops is one thing, you can visit camps regularly and check the pricing. Good weapons like a machine gun will offer faster killing rate. You can take a position and keep shooting the incoming horde.

Items In Vehicles: Cars are a big source of supplies.

Days Gone Bike Repair Parts

You can get Ammo, Medical Supplies and a lot of useful items by searching vehicles. They are scattered around on various regions, found more easily on road. Also, watch for freakers hiding in the backside of a car. Car are a huge resource for supplies, Cops car will have ammo, some will give you regular medical supplies while fuel can be found commonly. All kinds of emergency vehicles will give you important loots.

  1. Regular Cars – Medical Supplies, Crafting Items
  2. Cops Cars – Weapon Ammos
  3. Tow Cars – Fuel, look for red barrels.


Days Gone Mini Maps Tips

On the right bottom of the screen, you will see a circular map with Bike Repair and Fuel percentage. Red marks on it are warnings, avoid not to stop on those places. You can shoot enemies while driving. There are also yellow marks on, these are places to search. But best park your bike at a distance a little far from the warning signs and slowly peek into the region to scavenge safely.

Distracting Freakers:

You can distract freakers using a rock, press L1 to open Survival Wheel and then use R to equip a rock. Throw it in a different direction where you can make enough sound for the Freakers to run into the direction.

Gaining Camp Trust – Encampments:

Days Gone Camp

There are camps in Days Gone, one of them will be unlocked at the start where Deacon meets his old friend Mark camps to find his bike. The camp has sections like Kitchen, Merchant, Bounties, etc. You can submit food to the Kitech, earn some money in Bounties and at Merchant and buy parts to upgrade your bike. This will also increase your trust in camp.

Destroying Enemy Camps:

If you found yourself outnumbered at the enemy camp then you can take help from the Swarmers to kill your foes. For this just blow up the fences using a remote bomb and the noise is enough loud to summon all of them into the camp. This will create havoc and you can finish your objective. Best to stay in cover to avoid the zombies.

Quick Tips:

  • Press X to climb obstacles.
  • Press L1 to open Survival Wheel.
  • Press R2 to Use Bandage. You can also use it by pressing R2 from Crafting Wheel.
  • Press Square to pick up an item.
  • Press down arrow key to turn on Flashlight.
  • If you approach a roadblock, try to look around this can be a trap.
  • Scan for medical supplies in Nero Checkpoints.
  • Hold L2 to Aim and Press R2 to fire. Use the same controls to throw Molotov.
  • Headshots will kill freakers in one bullet.
  • Press Triangle to switch between Primary Weapon and Side Arm.
  • White X marks on the mini-maps can be Freakers Nest and point of interest.
  • Noise attracts Feakers, there will be cars making a loud horn. You have to shut them down. You can also use the noise as an attack tactic to destroy enemy camps by attracting freakers.
  • Inventory size will be limited at the start but can be expanded with upgrades.
  • Newts the smaller freakers will only attack if you are wounded or if you penetrate their private space.
  • Shoot the explosive fuel canisters to kill multiple enemies.
  • Running and fighting will consume stamina, health and stamina meter will be displayed on the bottom left of the screen.
  • While approaching an enemy Crouch and move. It will reduce enemies visibility.
  • Up key will activate Binoculars, you can use it to tag enemies.
  • The slower you move the quieter you will be, an important point for a stealth takedown.

So these are some of the best tips we pulled out for you to know before you start playing Days Gone. For more updates and guides visit our Days Gone Wiki guide. Thanks for reading.

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