Days Gone Mark Enemy Allows You To Tag Unsuspected Enemies

Tag And Attack In Stealth

Days Gone release is near and there are tons of features coming out one by one through Demo videos we had seen so far. One of the important feature gamers will be using frequently is Mark Enemy. This will offer you an edge when your objective is to take down an entire horde of cultist. Compared to Freakers the so-called “Zombies”, there are human enemies in the game. They control certain region and can also attack your faction.

So finding and eliminating them is also a target. Through Mark Enemy feature a separate view is trigger allowing players to mark unsuspecting enemies in the surrounding. This is highly important to plan out a strategy and take down them down one by one. The Mark Enemy feature adds a tag on their head revealing their direction, movement, and location.

If you are spotted the tag on the head will glow with an exclamation symbol, this means the enemy has spotted something unusual and it’s on his way to find out. It should be your primary objective to either run away or to kill him first. They can use an explosive against you or an alert a sniper who can spot and kill you instantly. Enemies are allowed to use different types of weapons to make your light tough.

This will help to avoid coming in their direct path, all you need is to find a nice place to get a broader view of the region with enemies controlling it. Press R2 to open Mark Enemy and you can zoom in (L3) and out to get enemies exact location. Mark them once you are done you can quietly plan their killings, players can use a knife or use a silencer on a pistol to shoot from distance. Everything requires crafting. A triangle icon also displays on top of enemies head if you are near enough in stealth, that’s time to hit.

This is an important yet common feature used in many games in like Red Dead Redemption 2 and Assassins Creed Odyssey. In Odyssey, players can use the Eagle View to mark down all the enemies along with their types. In Days Gone, it looks the tag only marks an enemy does not reveal any health bar or their Level or Grade.

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