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How To Instantly Kill Horde Of Freakers In Days Gone – Guide

Throwables That Can Generate Fire Are Best To Slow Down A Zombie Horde

Days Gone will be tough, especially dealing with the horde of Freakers it would be not easy to get away from the death trap. Once you are tracked the entire group follows you, and this will be a pain. There are traps, weapons, and throwables in the game to tackle the zombies, but what can work well to help you?

The answer is to understand how throwables works and what they offer before you blindly plant a trap that can explode or use all your grenades or Molotov. Weapons are best when you have a good spot to stand and the Freakers cannot catch you instantly, while on roads or open ground the Freakers are really fast.

The best way to tackle a bunch of zombies to use fire. Freakers caught in fire slows down and they look confused. For while they will hold up their attacks, Molotov is the best throwable. There is a beer bottle, RAG, Kerosene also in the throwable section.

If you have enough Molotov throw them on the path of Freakers, instead of throwing on one. Anyone who walks through that will catch fire and slow down and they also die with one bullet while burning. Weaker ones will die instantly, the fire damages a lot.

So remember that Molotov or anything that can cause fire can reduce Freakers Health, even if they are in a group. Try to find enough items to craft Molotov and use them as a important backup plan if you get surrounded.

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