Days Gone Motorbike Guide: How to Upgrade and Customize Bike

Upgrades and Tweaks for Deacon's Bike

Deacon’s Bike is your main ride in Days Gone’s Zombieland. Keep the motorbike upgraded will help you survive longer from the freakers. You also get a variety of customization options to dig in. We have got it all covered about motorbike upgrades and customization in Days Gone. So without any further ado, let’s begin with the Deacon’s bike maintenance guide.

How to Upgrade the Motorbike in Days Gone

The player must make use of two different camps(Copeland and Iron Mike) once you get complete access to the full extent of customization and upgrade options in Days Gone. This can be done once you build Trust level and Credits. Once you enter Copeland’s camp start looking out for Manny and interact with him to get options for upgrades. As long as you have got enough Credits(money) for the specific camp you can start upgrading the bike performance with the purchase.

motorbike upgrade customize days gone

Can Use for upgrading bike handles, speed, fuel tank capacity and damage resistance.

  • Engine – Determines the bike’s max speed.
  • Exhaust – Determines the distance at which enemies can hear the bike.
  • Storage – Enables you to carry more ammo refills on the bike.
  • Fuel Tank – Increases the bike’s max fuel capacity.
  • Frame – The frame is the primary part which contributes to the bike’s max health.
  • Nitrous – Allows the bike a short speed burst.
  • Tires – Determines the bike’s traction.

How to Customize the Motorbike in Days Gone

Now that you have done tweaking Deacon’s Bike Performance, it’s time to get into some Visuals and customization. The Visuals section will all you to change the look of the various parts of the bike along with and Paint to change the color. The Options you get for customing motorbike are:

  • Decals
  • Accent paint
  • Frame paint
  • Exhaust tips
  • Front fender
  • Wheels
  • Headlight

Again, you need to have enough Credits to purchase the selected option for customization or upgrades. If you are getting limited options then you must start completing the quest and earn Trust with that specific camp. This is all about Bike Upgrades in Days Gone. Do check out Days Gone Wiki to know more tricks, cheats, and tips for the game.

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