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Days Gone Freakers Nest: How to Locate and Destroy Freaker Nest

Locate, Destory and Claim the Reward

Freaker nests in Days Gone are areas populated with freakers and if you plan your attack with the precision you can take down an entire horde. The locations of freaker nests are scattered all over the map and this guide will show you the locations of the freaker nests.


Locations with Freaker Nests

You can find freaker nests in the areas called Infestations, this is a quarantined zone which is filled with freakers who can attack you at any moment. These will be a part as side missions and you can find them in Deacon’s journal. You’ll be suddenly alerted to clear an infestation in the midst of your main mission and you can either optionally do them later in the game as well in free play.

Ways to destroy a freaker nest

The most effective way to completely destroy a freaker nest is with fire and you will need as many Molotov cocktails. You will unlock the skill required to prepare a molotov cocktail on your own as you progress in the game and you will need the following items to prepare one.

  • Beer Bottle
  • Rag
  • Kerosene

You can find Molotov cocktails in the open world as you explore the dangerous wilderness in the game. You may find more of these items in the Infestation zone so make sure you have your sights not only on the freakers but opening car trunks will often leave open for attacks.


How to find Freaker Nests

First, you need to open the map and check out the red marked areas, these are the Infestations where you will find freaker nests. When out in the open play, make sure you know your surroundings and have mapped the entire area out before charging into a freaker nest.

These freakers nests can sometimes be close to each other so, scan the area out, but usually are apart from one another.


You will find freaker nests in buildings and they will occupy the first two floors, every time you hear Deacon says “There is a foul stench in the air” it means that you are very close to the nest.

days gone freakers nest location


How to destroy Freaker Nest Tricks

After you locate the nest, simply throw a molotov cocktail inside and as you see the freakers rush out you can either go guns blazing on them which will give off your location or simply evade before they get a chance to notice you.

The night is probably the best time to attack a Freaker Nest as most of them will be out in the world leaving the nest unprotected with a limited number of freakers inside. You can either kill them or run away from there, it is not necessary to kill the Freakers. If there are multiple nest you can burn them one by one and escape from the area.

Rewards for destroying Nests

If you manage to successfully destroy a freaker nest, you will be rewarded with camp trust and credits for your bravado. Doing such missions for the camp will make people trust you more and supply you with better weapons and upgrades.

This is how you destroy a freaker nest in Days Gone, make sure you check out all the other Days Gone Guides as well.

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