Days Gone Controls: How To Change Aim Sensitivity Guide

Changing aim sensitivity in game

Changing aim sensitivity and control settings in Days gone is easy. Everyone has their own playing style and combat techniques and while the default aiming settings in Days Gone is good enough, a lot of players like having their own custom feeling about the game which makes aiming and playing feel more natural and can invest themselves in the game more easily.

How to change aim sensitivity in Days Gone

Changing aim sensitivity is essential if you want to have a personal feel to the game to enhance it as per your liking. Days Gone has numerous things that can come after you from any direction and being a quick draw might be the only thing that saves your life in these situations.

Aim Setting in Days Gone

You will find the settings to change the aim sensitivity by pressing the options button, from there hover down to the options menu and find the settings for on-foot gameplay.

Aim and camera sensitivity can be found there, select and position them according to how you want them to be by pressing right on the D-pad.

aim senitivity tips days gone

Once there find the setting you wish to alter as per your liking, it might take some time for you to get used to the new settings but it will prove to be immensely helpful.

This is all there is to customize your aim configurations, check out our other guides, tips and tricks for Days Gone.

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