How To Unlock Machete Early In Days Gone

Machete is stronger than a bat, it requires three hits and enemy down

In Days Gone good weapons are important and there is one melee weapon, you can get very early in the game. During the starting missions while clearing camp drifter near Deacon’s safe house you will get a gun and later on when you visit the first Nero Checkpoint to get sterilized bandage for Boozer, you can unlock a Machete. I found this weapon a lot better than boot knife and bat. It is strong and requires three hits to kill a freaker, a bat requires more. In this Days Gone guide I will show you can instantly find a Machete, and how to repair it.

How To Unlock Machete

In He’s My Brother after leaving Copeland’s Camp you will have to ride to a Nero Checkpoint. When you reach the medical unit on the left of the road, there is a parked red truck. You will find the Machete on it. There is also a bat, but I think ignore everything and get the machete. In the below video you can see the difference between Bat and Machete, with Bat I have to hit multiple times around 5 to 8 times to kill a freaker but with a Machete three hits and done.

So get the weapon first, and it is also prone to damage. You will need scrap to repair it in the fields. Weapon damage status is displayed on the bottom left of the screen, it turns red fix it or else you will lose the weapon. Machete is amazing for close combat because it requires less effort to kill the freakers who are just wandering in the region. For melee combat, this weapon will be your lifesaver.

You can check our guide on How to beat all types of Freakers for more help to deal with the enemy. Another weapon that you can use to hunt animals is crowsbow, it is pretty useful because it is silent. It does not create a sound like a gunshot, always keep it handy. Later you can work on increasing your Health, Stamina and Focus to deal with bigger challenges in Days Gone.

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