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Days Gone Crossbow: How to unlock different types of Crossbow Bolts Guide

Unlock new Crossbow Arrorws

The crossbow is one of the best weapons in Days Gone as you need to be stealthy and not attract a lot of attention towards yourself with a rabid world out there ready to get you at the simplest mistake you make. This guide will show you how to get all crossbow bolt types in Days Gone.

How to get all crossbow bolt types in Days Gone

You will find the crossbow relatively early in the game, but the bolts are of the standard type and though they are good, they certainly aren’t’ the best. Though you can cause a lot of damage if you aim for the head of your enemies which will easily take them down with only one shot without altering anyone.

DIfferent types of bolts give you an added advantage as their properties do added damage to the enemy depending upon the type of bolts you are using.

You can mix things up and cause added damage to your target with different bolts, there are a total of four types of additional bolts in the game.

unlock crossbow bolts days gone

How to unlock different types of bolts in Days Gone

Residue Bolt Unlock

To unlock residue bolts, you will need to play through the story and complete the mission titled ‘They’re Not Sleeping’. Upon completion, you will have access to the residue bolt.

Poison Bolt Unlock

To get poison bolts, you will need to complete the mission titled, ‘I’ve got a Plan’. Poison bolts give an added effect and even if you do not down your opponent in the first attack this will keep poisoning them and drain their health.

Incendiary Bolt Unlock

Unlocking this takes some time as you will need to take out at least 8 out of the 14 Ambush Camps in the game. These bolts are effective against groups and can be really effective if you master how to use them perfectly.

Explosive Bolt Unlock

Similar to the earlier bolt, you will need to clear a minimum of 12 Ambush Camps before you can get your hands on these explosive bolts.

List of Ambush Camps in Days Gone

  • Cascade Radio Tower
  • Jefferson Rail Tunnel
  • Black Crater
  • Belknap Caves
  • Horse Creek
  • Spruce Lake
  • Wagon Road
  • Berley Lake
  • Deerborn
  • Bear Creek Hot Springs
  • Redwood RV Park
  • Cascade Lakes Railway
  • Bare Bay
  • Aspen Butte

How to Get Variety Is the Spice of Life Trophy in Days Gone

All you need to do is take an enemy down using all the different types of bolts available in the game, not only will this give you a trophy upon completion but will also give you an idea how each different bolt works and where and when the best time would be to use them.

This was all about crossbow bolt and it’s types in Days Gone. Do check our other tips and tricks for Days Gone.

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