Days Gone Health Guide: How To Increase Health, Stamina, And Focus

Boost your Heallth, Focus and Stamina to Max

The world of Days Gone is extremely dangerous and you can find trouble at every nook and corner you explore in the game, keeping your health bar full is of most importance in the game. You will find enemies in multiples at every wrong step you take and this game punishes you hard for not paying attention. This guide will show you how to heal up in Days Gone.

How to Heal Your Health in Days Gone

The primary way to get your health bar filled up is by using medikits but you will only find a limited amount of medikits in the game, moreover you cannot craft any medikits in the game but instead you will have to wander around and explore the open world of Days Gone and take down enemies in order to gather medikits.

To use medikits you will need to press and hold the left button on your D-pad. This will use up the active healing item in your inventory. Alternatively, you can also use bandages in Days Gone to heal up which you can craft on the go.

How to Craft & Use Bandages Using the Survival Wheel

TO craft bandages all you need to do is press L1 on to bring up the Days Gone survival wheel, use the right thumbstick to highlight the healing items and press R1 to craft them.

You can craft multiple bandages at the same time which means that you do not have to bring up the Days Gone survival wheel, every time you need to craft a bandage. You can also heal up while the survival wheel is on the screen by highlight the item you wish to use and pressing R2.

increase health stamina focus days gone

How to Increase Stamina

Stamina determines how long Deacon can sprint and dodge rolls. Make sure you have enough Bandages and upgrades all in place before encountering a large group of Freakers in Days Gone.

How to Increase Focus

Focus can only be unlocked once you’ve purchased the Focused Shot skill. After the purchase Press R3 when aiming a weapon to slow down time. This mode will help you take down a line up headshots with ease. You need to upgrade this attribute at Nero’s checkpoint to increase focus time.

How to Upgrade Health, Stamina and Focus at NERO checkpoint

Open the World Map and look for grey ‘X’ icons which is your nearest NERO checkpoints. Once you reach there, first try to restore power to the generator and enter the building. Now get inside and look out for a locked case with an injector inside, which will allow you to upgrade either your health, stamina, or Focus.

increase health stamina focus days gone

Make you choice to upgrade attributes and increase level in Days Gone. That is all you need to know about healing up in Days Gone, make sure you check out other guides, tips and tricks to help you progress in the game.

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