Download Free Days Gone PS4 Theme – Guide

Get an free amazing looking Days Gone theme, step by step instructions.

Download Days Gone free PS4 theme from the official site of developer Bend Studio. A free reward by the developer to celebrate the launch of Days Gone. To download visit the link at the end of this guide and simply login with your PSN Account. Scroll down and you will see two rewards. Days Gone PS4 theme is the second one. Click on Claim and you will get the theme in your console.

Bend Studio is sharing giveaways before the game is out, we found two rewards first there are chances you might get a Rager Bear Plushies and the theme. The reward is only for users from the US and California.

Days Gone is releasing on April 26 a new open world game destroyed by some virus and ruled by cults and factions. Players goal is to survive on the ground where everything wants to kill you. Days Gone features a swarm of zombies that attack in a group and it is pretty hard to tackle them all with mere weapons. Players will need to craft explosives and use the environment to plan a safe escape.

Crafting is also an important aspect to stay alive in the crazy world. Deacon St. John a former outlaw is the protagonist who is on this journey to explore a safe place with his friend.

Download Days Gone Free PS4 Theme

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