Berley Lake Infestation Days Gone Guide – All 4 Nest Location

How to destroy all four nest in Berley Lake Infestation

Berley Lake is a location in Days Gone that has four nests, you have to destroy them to clear the infestation in the region. In this Days Nest Location Guide, you will get tips on how to find all the four nest in the Berley Lake region and how to destroy them one by one to complete the objective.

Berley Lake Nest Location

Berley Lake Nest Locations 1:

Berley Lake Nest Location

The first one can be found on the right side of the waterfall, a small wooden cabin not that hard to locate. Just burn it with Molotov and escape the place. If you visit in night time there will be a lot of freakers around.

Berley Lake Nest Locations 2:

Berley Lake Nest Location

The second one is on the other side of the road, not too far from the previous one. Look for a Nero board and on the left side, you will spot the nest.

Berley Lake Nest Locations 3:

Berley Lake Nest Location

From the last position where you burn the second nest, turn left and look on the top of a small mountain, the nest is right in front of you.

Berley Lake Nest Locations 4:

Berley Lake Nest Location

Ride a bit further towards the Nero checkpoint and you will reach a blocked tunnel. The Nest is on the right corner, this is the same place where you will find some fuse to unlock the Nero cabin.

Destroying all Nest in the Berley Lake region will reward you 2000XP and +350 Iron Mike’s Trust. You can also check Pioneer Cemetery Nest Location to clear all three chest in there region.

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