Days Gone Level Up: Fastest Way to Build Trust & Get Upgrades Guide

Boost Deacon's level faster

In an open world game, the faster you level up the more things you get to unlock and enjoy the game. Days Gone features an experience meter which shows you the progress of Deacon St. John in the game and where you stand, this guide will show you how to level up fast in Days Gone.

How to Level Up Fast in Days Gone

Farming Freakers in Days Gone

As in most games, Days Gone rewards you by taking down your enemies and the more you do, the more experience points you will receive. Days Gone offers about 20 Experience points for every freaker you kill, but although it is not much you can try taking down multiple freakers while on your bike to farm points faster.

farm credits days gone

Make sure you have enough scrap to repair your bike every time the health is low. The game recommends that to take on a horde only when you have better weapons, but if you manage to down a quite of them while on your bike you will hit a gold mine of experience points in an instant.

Stealth Kills Unlock

Days Gone rewards you for the creative you use when taking down your opponents in the game, the more dangerous and sneaky your approach is the more experience points you tend to earn.

Taking down individual stray freaker or human enemy will reward you with more points than normal and you can take your time and perfectly strike at the right opportune moment.

level up fast days gone

Completing Missions in Days Gone

By far the fastest way to level up fastest in Days Gone is to complete the story missions, the yellow colored main missions will offer you more points and while they can be overwhelming at times you can also opt for the orange camp missions available to level up faster in Days Gone.

That is all about how to level up faster in days gone, make sure you check out other guides, tricks and cheats on Days Gone.

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