Days Gone: How to Roll and Dodge And Upgrade Stamina

Roll and Dodge for the Freakers

Evading danger will prove to be vital as you keep progressing in Days Gone and the more enemies you encounter rolling away and dodging attacks gives you the upper hand as you will be able to aim enemies from their blind spot and quickly taking them down. This guide will show you how to Roll and Dodge Attacks in Days Gone.

How to Roll and Dodge Attacks in Days Gone

Enemies can come at you fast and from almost everywhere imaginable in Days Gone and hence you need to be quick in evading danger and at the same time finding an advantage to take them down to save yourself from hostiles.

roll and dodge upgrade days gone

You will need to press R1 to roll and Deacon will roll in the direction of the left stick to evade the enemy attack. Though rolling from enemies is effective it will cost you your stamina and doing it multiple times will drain your stamina bar preventing you from doing it again till it recovers.

How to recover stamina in Days Gone

You will spend stamina every time you make Deacon perform something that requires a lot of effort, like running and dodging. It can be frustrating to run out of stamina in the middle of running away from danger but you can always take your motorbike to flee.

Stamina recovers at the same speed it drains which while can be good news it is not enough at the start of the game and you will need to increase Deacon’s stamina in the game which will come in handy as you progress towards the endgame. To refill stamina you need to either walk, stand still or jog to before you can start running again.

roll and dodge upgrade days gone

How to upgrade Stamina in Days Gone

You can upgrade Deacon’s stamina at Nero Stations, which will help you sprint further, roll and dodge more frequently and improving your on-foot mobility.

This is all there is to know about how to dodge attacks and stamina in Days Gone. Do check our other Days Gone Guides for Tips and Tricks.

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