Pioneer Cemetery Hidden Nero Injector Location – Days Gone

Find the hidden Nero Injector in Pioneer Cemetery, don't visit at night.

There is a hidden Nero Injector at Pioneer Cemetery, the same place where you visit for the first time while chasing Nero Helicopter. This was the first time you were introduced to armored Nero soldiers, you cannot attack them. In this Days Gone guide we will give you the exact location to find Nero Injector hidden inside a cave which is also a hibernation point for Freakers. Before you visit the cave I will recommend you to destroy all 3 nest infestation in Pioneer Cemetery, to save your time we have a location guide with all three nests marked location In the cemetery.

Where To Find Nero Injector In Pioneer Cemetery?

Pick She Rode With Us to quest a part of Chasing Leon storyline. You have to burn the statue here, clearing the nest will help you to reduce the number of freakers, so that you can explore the region. Visit during the day time the cave where the Nero injector is hidden is also a hibernation point for freakers. You can read our guide How To Change Time to change the time in Days Gone.

Pioneer Cemetery Hidden Nero Injector Location

Once you reach the cemetery, you have to walk towards the northwest a bit, in the bushes scan the region I had marked on the map above. Look for a wooden bridge, it will take you to the cave entrance. Now follow my directions properly or else you will be lost and there are chances you will face Freakers, but if you had cleared infestation there will be less.

Pioneer Cemetery Hidden Nero Injector Location

Enter and continue walking, the cave will turn left and you will see a bluish light. Don’t take any right turns, follow the light. There is a big hole, on the other side look for a blinking red light and case on its right desk. You will find Nero injector and a Micro-recorder which is a collectible item.

There is no Nero Research checkpoint, just the case on the desk. So you don’t require any kind of fuel or cut down the loudspeakers. You can read our 12 Nero Checkpoint Location guide to get max health, focus and stamina.

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