Days Gone Free Supply Chest from Boozer Unlock Guide

Prasad More
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Boozer is Deacon’s closest ally in Days Gone and the two seem to have a perfect bond of badassery and trust between them, through the progression of the game you will learn more about their history and these two seem to be reliant on each other. Often coming to one another’s aid. This guide will show you how to get free supplies from Boozer in Days Gone.

How to get free supplies in Days Gone

The first chance to get free supplies will come early on in the game, as you are at your hideout at the top of O’Leary mountain. You can find the supply box beside Boozer’s bed.

As and when you progress in the game you will move to the Iron Mike’s Camp. Once you get there, complete as many story missions with Boozer as possible this will help you have a stronger bond and better yet, you will start to get a radio transmission from him indicating the location of a supply chest.

days gone free supply chest

What can you get from the supply chests in Days Gone

You can find useful items which will help you in your missions as well as help you survive longer and be more crafty. You can find things like ammo for your currently equipped weapon, consumables like bandages or explosives like Molotov cocktails. If you are lucky you can even find crafting materials in these chests.

Supply boxes can help you restock items that you will most certainly need and the more you can get your hands on the more chances you have of surviving in Days Gone.

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