Days Gone Fast Travel Guide: How to Unlock Fast Travel Points

Fuel Cost and Availability of Fast Travel

Days Gone is an open world adventure with a ton of things that can come to surprise you, you’ll need fast travel to go further distances even though traveling on your bike can be fun, it can also summon unknown dangers and the journey can be filled with peril. This guide will show you how to fast travel in Days Gone.

How to fast travel in Days Gone

There are fast travel points, embedded in the map for you. The concept of fast travel is available in the game, even though it is not clear how to. You’ll need to keep a few things in mind before fast traveling to far away places.

1. Fuel Cost

Keep an eye how much fuel you will need as the further you travel the more fuel you will burn. Having knowledge of your inventory is one of the key things in Days Gone.

2. Availability.

You have to near your bike or your bed in order to fast travel. Though you can fast travel, you just cannot do it from anywhere you might please. Though there will be instances where you might find yourself stranded but unless you are beside your trusty bike or safely back at the camp near your bed you will have to either walk, run or find other means to travel.

fast travel unlock days gone

How to unlock more fast travel points?

If you wish to unlock more fast travel options on your map to further expand your reach and go places quicker you will need to restore power to NERO Checkpoints. Each checkpoint you bring power back to, grants you an option to fast travel.

Keep in mind that if there are infestations nearby you will not be able to fast travel unless you clear out the danger beforehand.

This is how to you can unlock fast travel in Days Gone. Also, check our other trips, tricks and cheats for Days Gone.

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