How To Kill Breaker Zombie In Days Gone – Two Steps Killing Method

Easiest way to take down the big guy

Days Gone has hundreds of Freakers and newts. They are dangerous in the horde, but there is also one very powerful freaker called a Breaker. It is huge and tough to kill, in this Days Gone Boss fight guide, we will tell you two-step method to kill the Breaker. But it requires a strong weapon and a lot of stamina. So be ready to run around.

How To Kill Breaker Boss

First, acquire a good rifle, don’t visit the Breaker if you have a low-quality weapon. Your Melee weapon must have axe blades on it, upgrade it to max just in case if you get caught you can perform some melee attacks. You will spot him at the end of objective Playing All Night. Follow the steps below to kill him. But once again carry a good weapon with you, and hope you had visited enough Nero checkpoints to boost your Stamina.

Step 1 – Trap The Breaker

Kill Big Breaker Zombie In Days Gone

After spotting the Breaker, you will have to find a Bear trap. The Breaker will be busy eating a zombie, in between crashed broken plane. Go left and between the rocks, you will find a Bear trap. Now lure the Breaker and place it in the direction he is running towards you, the Breaker will get trapped and stop. Keep shooting his head. Don’t worry, once the Breaker is trapped he will be like for a while, keep shooting his head. Run when you see him breaking the trap.

Step 2 – Trap Him Again and Keep Shooting

To find the second trap, cross the broken plane and look on the ground in the grass. Once again follow the same step, lure him towards you and place the trap right in front. He will be trapped once again, now you have a second and final chance to kill him. Keep shooting his head, injured Breaker will run slow.

Look at the health bar on top, if you destroyed more than 90% of health you can hit with a melee weapon to kill him. You can craft Trap like Proximity Bomb that will also help.

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