Days Gone: How to Increase Deacon’s stats

Boost Deacon's health to max

Days Gone has a bit of RPG element in the game as it features the ability to permanently boost up your stats, though this is unusual in a game like this, it feels more progressive as you keep perfecting Deacon’s character as he survives every battle and prepares for the next one. This guide will show you how to increase Deacon’s stats in Days Gone.

How to boost Deacon’s stats in Days Gone

There are three main categories in which Deacon’s stats are displayed which are health, stamina, and focus.

Each category determines how much you can push Deacon to hit absolute limits before them being ineffective. If you have the right stats you can push the limits of your gameplay and enhance it giving Deacon a cutting edge in the fight against the living and the undead.

Health: The health bar showcases how healthy Deacon is in his current state and if he requires immediate medical attention.

Stamina: The stamina bar indicates how long Deacon can run on foot or dodge and roll out of danger when confronted by enemies.

Focus: The focus bar indicates how long Deacon can use his special abilities to make the most use out of them and take down as many hostiles as possible.

The most important thing you have to keep in mind that leveling up does not mean that your stats will increase as well. You have to manually increase them by visiting NERO checkpoints throughout the game and spending the rewards earned while leveling up.

Before you can access a NERO checkpoint, you will have to start it by starting the generator and you will require fuel for it. So make sure that if you are visiting a NERO checkpoint for the first time you better have a fuel can with you. Also, these are larger sites belonging to an organization which will help you in multiple ways.

Another place is the NERO Research Sites which are smaller in size when compared to the NERO checkpoints.

days gone deacon stats max

When you come across any establishment belonging to NERO, you will need to find a while check which will have an injector inside. You can use this to increase one of Deacon’s stats permanently.

To increase health, you will need to press Square, to boost up stamina you will need to press Triangle and to improve focus you will have to press Circle on your controller.

Each time you increase Deacon’s stats, it will go up by 25 points. Find the best combination according to your gameplay and boost Deacon’s stats accordingly.

This is all you need to know about increasing Deacon’s stats in Days Gone. Do check our other Days Gone Cheats, Tips and Tricks.

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