Days Gone Weapon Supressor: How to Acquire and Attach Suppressor

Silence your weapons with supressors

Being silent is needed in Days Gone as unwanted attention will always ensure with attacks from enemies both the living and the undead. A suppressor for your weapon will help you stay silent and be deadly at the same time. Staying calm and silent also ensure that when you are out hunting someone or something you can take them down without alerting them.

How to get suppressor in Days Gone

To get your hands on a weapon suppressor you need to can do two of the following things.

1. You can search the engine compartment of a car nearby and hope to find a part that can work as a silencer. The chance of finding this is low as you may find scraps most of the time.

2. The second method is to buy it from a merchant in one of the camp. The suppressor is relatively cheap but before you can get your hands on one of them you will need to earn their trust.

Only after a certain trust level can you get on your hands on a weapon silencer. You will need to complete the missions of the camps to gain their trust or you can bring them freaker ears which also gains as trust in Days Gone.

unlock weapon supressor days gone

How to attach weapon suppressor

To attach a weapon suppressor you will need to press L1 to bring up the survival wheel and there you can select the weapon that you would like to use with a suppressor and press R1 to attach it.

Keep in mind that only certain weapons can be attached with a suppressor

You cannot attach a suppressor to a shotgun or a crossbow.

The suppressor will start degrading with every use so, keep that in mind and check up on it from time to time. It is ideal to discard it and find a new one when it falls below the 20% mark.

This is all there is to weapon suppressors in Days Gone, make sure you check out other Days Gone Best Tricks guide as well.

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