Days Gone Missions: How to Unlock New Mission and Rewards Guide

Unlock all the rewards in days gone

It will take roughly 30 hours to complete Days Gone Storyline. Missions in Days Gone are the fastest way to unlock the new storyline. Most of the time Deacon will get his next mission in his Journal after completing the previous task. Sometimes, a new mission can be unlocked after someone contacts Deacon on the radio. Here is the complete guide to unlock new Missions, gain Rewards, how to complete them.

How to Unlock New Missions in Days Gone

To progress in the storyline, Deacon must be advanced enough with the stats in the game. You will be receiving both primary or secondary mission from radio or handy when Deacon needs to return to the camp. Head to the Leader/commissioner of the camp and talk to him to get all your primary missions.

missions rewards days gone

There is also an alternative way to start missions, all you need to do is explore the game world until the New tasks are added to Deacon’s journal. Identify new areas and remove the Fog of War to add new quests to his journal with the study of maps in the bunkers under the camps.

How to Complete Missions Tips

First and most important tips are not to rush for completing the missions as the game does not contain time counters or the quest won’t be inactive if you don’t opt it early. All you need to do is be ready with upgrades with your weapons, bike, and Deacon.

Once the marker for your mission is set on the map, there will be a number of side missions(saving the survivors, bandits and more) added simultaneously. So there is no need to rush with completing them, just focus on the solving all the problems in current story mission series then return to the free journey through the game world and mark them to complete the additional activities.

missions rewards days gone

Don’t ruin the job (mission objective) when it is concerning the content from the other NPCs. During any NPC mission if the accompanying ally will die then the game gives plenty of time to save important NPCs attacked by enemies. Even in the worst case, the game will send you to the last checkpoint.

Missions in Days Gone cannot be retaken. In the mission, all the important decisions and all tasks are relatively linear, that Deacon won’t miss out on some important attraction or alternative way to play the quest.

Single Mission can be associated with different Storylines, so once you add a new quest in the game log you will see one storyline. After completing the same mission, you will notice that the level increase in the percentage completion is not only for the one particular mission but for several other storylines.

What are the Mission Rewards Unlocked?

Upon completing the side and main missions, the rewards will be immediate. Some game missions also offer additional rewards and it can be completely random missions.

missions rewards days gone

Experience points: Completing the long and difficult quest of the main plot you can get up to max 10000XP.

Credits: Credits in Days Gone are used to buy upgrades. You can shop only in the camp “associated” with a certain mission.

Trust points: These are points that are gathered separately for each camp you unlock. Deacon must rise to a higher level of trust in a selected camp to open new opportunities for buying from the traders in this camp.

Crafting Recipes: Unlock most of the plans by completing missions of retake Ambush Camp. New crafting recipes can add new medicinal cocktails, different varieties of crossbow bolts, traps or improved varieties of melee weapons.

Unique motorcycle Skins/Paints: Paints and skins are rewarded every time you have completed a storyline in 100%.

This is everything we know about Missions and Rewards in Days Gone. Do check our other Days Gone Guides to unlock secret ending and more tricks to survive longer in the game.

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