How To Defeat Carlos In Days Gone – Boss Fight

Finding hard to take down Carlos, then you are on the right page.

Carlos (or Jesse) is one of the main bosses in Days Gone, a ripper who you will encounter in the game in the later stages of the game, fighting Carlos can be pretty easy if you pay attention and this guide will show you how to take down Carlos in Days Gone.

You will face Carlos when you are in the main missions, right after you with Boozer destroy the damn and attack the ripper camp at Iron Butte.

In the main mission titled ‘Time for Some Payback’ you will find Carlos when exploring the upper floor. This fight will only force you to use a boot knife and you cannot use any of your upgraded weapons.

It is simple to take down Carlos in the game, all you need to do is understand his attack pattern and dodge them by rolling away every time he charges at you. Press R1 to perform a dodge roll to avoid damage.

Start attacking Carlos as soon as you dodge and when he is distracted and turned away from you, continue using this technique till you take him down completely.

This is all you need to keep in mind when confronting Carlos in Days Gone and you will swiftly win your battle with ease and comfort.

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