Days Gone Difficulty Settings: How to change the Difficulty and Aim Snap

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Days Gone can be a challenging game for those who are not so familiar with open world game and can be overwhelming. Changing difficulty settings allows you to either tone done the game and bring the difficulty down so that players can enjoy the game comfortably while some need a good challenge from the game to test their mettle.

How to Change Difficulty Settings in Days Gone

The game allows you to change the difficulty from either the pause menu or the main menu. When you feel like the game is proving to be too much you can just press the Options button and select Options, from there you need to go to the Gameplay tab by pressing R1.

At the bottom left of the screen, you will find the difficulty setting, toggle it according to your needs by pressing the right or left on the D-pad.

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When the game begins you are offered Normal or Easy mode and you can select the one you think will be appropriate for you.

How to get Aim Snap in Days Gone

Aim Snap feature allows the players to switch aim from one enemy to other quickly, this comes in handy for those player who is not to used to these type of games or those who are new in general.

You can find the Aim Snap feature by selecting the Easy Difficulty in the game, which will make enemies easier to take down and progress faster.

Difficulty Trophies in Days Gone

As of right now, there isn’t any trophy that can be achieved by completing the game at the highest difficulty which means that no matter what difficulty setting you use, you can achieve the 100% of trophies in Days Gone.

This is all there is to know about the difficulty settings in Days Gone, make sure you check out other guides for Days Gone.

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