Days Gone Max Inventory Slot: How to Increase Inventory Capacity

Maximize your inventory slot

Having a higher inventory in Days Gone means that you can literally carry more items and  when you are out in the open world filled with danger all around you will need to carry as many items to surive as you can. Having a large inventory will also grant you with the Ability to carry a back larger number of bounty or keep more of whatever you may please.

How to Inventory Slot to Max in Days Gone

Before you can upgrade your inventory you will need to unlock the skill named Carry that Weight. You can find this in the fourth level of the Survival category which means that you will need to unlock 6 randomly selected skills before you can get to this skill in the Survivor category.

With a large inventory, you can get the option of saving multiples of useful items which play a huge part and that you are not limited when in times of need.

max investory slots days gone

Increase Inventory Capacity of the following items

Scraps are one of the items that you will need in the long run as they let you perform repair instantly and when you have a damaged item you will need multiple scraps depending on the level of damage.

Crafting components is something you will also need in multiples as it will allow you to take the ordinary and transform it into a better and beefier version of itself.

You can keep explosive which will help you take down multiples and brutes when out in the world. Enemies can swarm you and surprise you if you aren’t too careful. Having more explosives means that you can take many of them down in an instant. Molotov cocktails, frag grenades, and Pipe Bomb work the best in taking down larger enemies or a collective of them.

You can also get an increase in keeping traps to take down you enemy without even being involved, the Proximity Bomb is something that will come in hand to take down wandering enemies from getting too close to you.

How to increase ammo in Days Gone

Ammo is limited in Days Gone and you can increase the amount of ammo that you can carry by unlocking the skills Up the Ante, you can find it in the fifth level of Ranged category. You will have to unlock a few in the same category before you can get this skill but it is worth investing in.

This is how you can increase Deacon’s inventory and Ammunition in Days Gone, check out other guides on Days Gone too.

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