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Days Gone Farm Freaker Ears – Where to Find Freaker Ears Location

Easiest way to farm Credit rewards

Collecting freaker ears in Days Gone lets you gain trust at the camp you currently reside in and will also help you earn credits in the game by doing so. Collecting freaker ear is like collecting a bounty of your kill as a proof that you have bested in the game. This guide will show you how to farm freaker ear fastest.

Freakers are the undead humanoids in the game which have been infected by a virus and how they roam the world and attack whoever they see in sight.

What are freaker ears

There are different types of freakers in Days Gone and each has a different value assigned to it. The stronger the freaker usually means the higher the value and vice versa.

Freakers ears show the camp that it can trust in you and that you can defend the camp when they are in need. You can trade the freaker ears in the camp at the bounty station and get rewarded in return.

farm freaker ears days gone

How to farm freaker ears

The fastest way to farm freaker ears is to run over them when you are being chased by a horde as Deacon can collect them when on a bike too which means that you do not have to get down and slow down. Make sure you have a decent weapon and that your bike health is excellent before you attempt to use this technique.

You can also sneak up on individual freakers and silently take them down by and collect an ear from them.

Make sure that you do not attack the head of the freaker as headshots will certainly deny you the chance of collecting a freaker ear.

This is the fastest way to farm freaker ear in Days Gone. Check our earn credits like pro in our Days Gone Wiki Guides.

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