Days Gone Save File: How To Create Manual Save Files Location

This is save your play record intact

The ability to save a game lets you take on bigger risks and push the limits to its limits without the fear of ruining your perfect score. In Days Gone you will find enemies to be always on the hunt for you and this is where manually saving the game before you do something extraordinarily risky which might ruin your perfect score.

Autosave features are always enabled but it has also takes in the bad attempts with the good ones which means missing out on the rarest of trophies.

Days Gone Save File Manually

Before you start creating save files you’ll need to know when the game will actively deny you from saving your current progress.

You won’t be able to manually save the game if you are riding your bike or if generally just moving. You need to be perfectly still.

Days Gone will not let you manually save the game if there is a threat nearby, you will have to either find a different spot or clear the danger before you can save your progress.

  • You also won’t be able to manually save the game if you are currently active on a mission, you will need to be outside any activity.
  • To save the game you have to be somewhere safe and familiar.
  • You can manually save the game if you are near or on Deacon’s motorbike.
  • Or you save manually save the game if you are around Deacon’s bed.

If you are at a place which previously belonged to an enemy then you will need to find a bed in a bunker underneath the camp to manually save in Days Gone.

days gone save file

How To create manual saves in Days Gone

You will need to create a manual save file from the pause menu, you also have the option of creating different slots.

Or the second method you can use is by creating a quicksave. You will need to hold down the triangle key beside your bed or your motorbike to do this.

This is pretty much all there is to creating manual saves in Days Gone. If you want to know more about Days Gone then do check our Tips and Tricks Guide.

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