Days Gone Ammo Guide: How To Increase Max Ammo Storage, Craft Ammo

Increase your Ammo Storage and Craft new Ammo

Ammunition is of the key element to survival in Days Gone and you will need it to save yourself from enemies who can strike at any moment in Days Gone. Keeping a healthy stock of ammo means you can take down enemies without needing to flee your battles and taking them head-on, this guide will show you how to farm ammo in Days Gone.

But you have to careful as you can only carry a limited amount of ammo for every weapon that you carry.

How to Get More Ammo in Days Gone

The easiest way to find ammo in Days Gone is to explore the vast regions, more often than not you will find ammo lying around in the open world. You can also look out for ammo boxes which will replenish your ammo stock and you can be on your way.

You can also find Police Vehicles which will have an ammo box in the trunk of the car, to open the trunk you will have to get close to it and hold down the square button. Only then will it give access, it takes some time and leaves you open for attacks.

ammo storage craft days gone

Beware of your surroundings when out collecting ammo, as freakers or other humans may attack you when your attention is diverted to collecting ammo.

You can also take down enemies in order to collect ammo, though the ammo they drop will be relevant to the type of weapon they are carrying at that moment so make sure you check out your opponents before engaging into combat.

How to increase max ammo storage in Days Gone

Once you start leveling up fast in the game, you will be needing more ammo storage to carry mor ammo in Days Gone. First reach skill tier 5 in the ranged skill tree and unlock the Up the Ante skill. This Up the Ante skill will increase the max ammo capacity for all weapons and enables you to carry a lot more ammo.

ammo storage craft days gone

How to craft ammo in Days Gone

Crossbow is one and only type of weapon you can craft ammo for in Days Gone. Once you unlock the crossbow, you can start crafting arrows with the materials you find throughout the world.

To craft arrows in Days Gone you’ll need the following:

  • Crossbow Bolt x5:
  • Cedar Sapling x1
  • Scrap x1
  • Poison Bolt x5
  • Cedar Sapling x1
  • Scrap x1
  • Poison x1
  • Residue Bolt x5
  • Cedar Sapling x1
  • Scrap x1
  • Nest Residue x1

The ability to craft regular Crossbow Bolts will be unlocked once you get the crossbow, but for other updates you must explore and locate crafting recipes to unlock them.

Purchasing Ammo

The alternative method of collecting ammo out in the wild is by purchasing it from camps and settlements. You will need to find the merchant in the by looking for the gun and bullet icon in the map.

You will have to spend credits acquired in the game in order to purchase ammo and supplies. More trust equals more credits in the game and you can gain trust by completing tasks and missions in the game.

The more trust you gain the more you will have as trust and credits go hand in hand in the game.

These are the ways to collect ammo in Days Gone, make sure you check out other Days Gone guides, tips and tricks to help you in the game.

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