Days Gone Drug Stash Multiple Choice – Tucker Or Copeland Consequences

Whom to give the drug stash will have a impact on gameplay

After unlocking the second camp you will meet Tucker, an old lady who manages everything. You will meet Copeland during the start when Deacon’s bike was stolen while chasing he visits his camp. After pulling out the Drug stash from the Cemetery you have two choices. You can give that to Tucker or to Copeland and the only one can be picked. There is a consequence of selecting one from the two.

What happens if you gave Drug Stash to Tucker?

You will gain Tucker’s camp trust and you will unlock a Merchant at the camp who sells some amazing weapons. These weapons are a lot stronger and better then what you get at Copeland’s camp. If you pick this choice then you can defend yourself and kill enemies faster. You will earn 2000XP and 5000 Trust with Hot Sprints. You can also buy an M40 sniper rifle that cost around 2250, a sidearm suppressor and primary suppressor. Here with the choice, you value weapons more.

What happens if you gave Drug Stash to Copeland?

If you pick this choice then you will get some nice upgrades for your bike. You can increase your fuel tank, the bike will lesser noise and you don’t have to repair is multiple times. Your ride in the regions will be smooth and faster, but you have to rely on average weapons. You will earn 2000 XP + 5000 Trust.

What I recommend is to go with weapons first, because there are tons of zombies, gang members, and cultist. There are traps watched by snipers in your way. You can go smooth with the bike not breaking it much. Bike upgrades are important to escape from wolves and gangs, but you can kill them if you have good weapons, so I think going to with Tucker is a necessary choice in Days Gone.

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