The Last of Us Part 2 Wiki Guide – Walkthrough, Tips, Crafting Guides & More

Here is a complete walkthrough of Last of Us 2, learn how Ellie lives through a new journey in a devastated world of allies and enemies. Check out crafting recipes, boss fights, beginners tips and more. 

The Last of Part 2 will take you on a breathtaking journey of Ellie, the girl from Last of Us Part 1 is now grown up to face the world. Blended in an intriguing story-line, the game comes with many awe-inducing factors. Through this Last of Us 2 Wiki guide, you can learn about various aspects that you can easily miss in LOU2. For example Last of Us 2 boss weakness, important weapons, survival tips, crafting recipes, best weapons, collectibles, and lot more. We are putting our max effort to bring the best possible tips on a single page. Hit the link that catches your interest and surf through our The Last of Part 2 Wiki guide every day for more updates.

Starting from the walkthrough we are going to cover the entire game story. You can walk with us and if you are unable to cross any level then click the link of the right chapter below to read more the same. With this, there are tips and tricks section, beginner guides, weapons guides, and a lot more. This LOU2 Wiki will be updated regularly so bookmark it and keep checking back.

The Last of Us Part 2 Walkthrough

  1. Chapter 1  – Joel’s Past, Ellie, and Abby’s Intention: In this first part of Last of Us 2 Walkthrough you will see how Joel saved Ellie. He is then on a patrolling objective. Ellie and Dina did something that the camp was not happy and they are too assigned a separate patrolling duty. Owen locates the camp and shows to Abby. The major part of the first chapter is taken over by Abby.
  2. Chapter 2 – In this part of The Last of Us 2 Walkthrough Ellie and Dina continue to explore the nearby regions. You will mostly gather supplies, kill the runners, and deal with a new enemy Flickers. Also, you will unlock the Health Kit and Molotov Recipe.
  3. Chapter 3 – In this part of The Last of Us 2 Walkthrough you will start as Ellie and Dina. You will unlock the Workbench for weapons upgrade. Later as Abby you will experience the most horrific moment of Last of Us Part 2.
  4. Chapter 4 – In this part of The Last of Us 2 Walkthrough  Ellie and Dina heads to Seattle city. You have to unlock a two gates Main gate and East Gate 2. Check this walkthrough for solution.
  5. Chapter 5 – In Chapter 5 of Last of Us 2 Walkthrough you are in the middle of WLF Guards, Trap Mines and Runners.
  6. Chapter 6 – In Chapter 6 of Last of Us 2 Walkthrough Ellie and Dina has to escape the subway, you will fight the Bloater boss.
  7. Chapter 7 – In Chapter 7 of Last of Us 2 Walkthrough Ellie is left alone on her quest to find Tommy.
  8. Chapter 8 – In this part of walkthrough Ellie goes alone towards the Hospital where she is looking for Nora. The path is not easy there is a lot of exploration.
  9. Chapter 9 – Ellie finally reaches the hospital, she will have to find Nora to learn more about Abby’s hideout. The final cutscene in this chapter also reveals a twist.
  10. Chapter 10 – You will grab a boat in this part of Last of Us 2 walkthrough, but path is not easy. There are locked gate, a Flicker Boss and a long journey towards the Ferris Wheel.

The Last of Us Part 2 Tips and Tricks

  1. Beginners Guide: It is easier to play LOU2 if you can know a little about the gameplay, characters, and the base of the storyline. Our Last of Us 2 beginners’ guides hold a lot of minute data that will help you in playing the game.
  2. PS4 Control Guide: Learn about all riding controls, combat controls, how to stealth kill, how to use weapons, etc.
  3. Unlock New Skills: Tips and tricks to unlock new skills and what is the cost to use them.
  4. Reveal items Cheat: A secret trick that will reveal all items locations, no need to search for supplements, ammos, metals parts, etc.
  5. All cheats: Here is how to use Accessibility Features that work just as The Last of Us 2 cheats in PS4.
  6. Total gameplay hours: Want to know how much time does it take to complete The Last of Us Part 2.
  7. Difficulty Settings: Tips on which is the best difficulty settings in Last of Us Part 2.
  8. Survival Tips and Tricks: Here are some pro tips that help you to survive in the game.
  9. Exploration Guide: Want to know which are the important things you must do when you are outside then try this guide.
  10. How Many Chapters: Looking for The Last of Us 2 chapters? Then read this guide to know how many chapters are there in TLOU 2 and what the chapter names are.
  11. All Players Skills Upgrades: Here is a total of how much supplements you will need to upgrade all 10 skills in Last of Us Part 2.
  12. Turn On Aim Assist: This crucial guide will help you understand how to turn on the Aim Assist feature when playing the Last of Us Part 2.
  13. Get More Arrows: When playing the Last of Us Part 2, you can easily find guns, but they are loud. If you want to kill the monsters in the game surprisingly and silently, you should look for arrows and a bow.

The Last of Us Part 2 How To Guides:

  1. How to Jump: Tips on how to jump and how to sprint jump in the Last of Us Part 2.
  2. How to Save Game: You can manually save your game progress without loosing important items and progress.
  3. How To Heal: Injured in the game and want to heal yourself? Try these tips to heal in The Last of Us 2.
  4. How to Sprint: Running or Sprinting will help you escape enemies easily. Here’s how to run in The Last of Us 2.
  5. How to start Generators: If you want to know how to start and use generators in The Last of Us 2, read this guide to know the exact steps.
  6. How To Craft: Tips on how to unlock crafting and its crafting recipes.
  7. Unlock Crafting Skill Tree: Make your melee weapons stronger with new skills.
  8. How To Use Listen Mode: How to use Listen Mode in The Last of Us 2? When to use it and what are the Listen Mode upgrades?
  9. How To Ride A Horse: Moving around the map is easy when you ride horses. Wondering how to do that? Here’s how to ride a horse in The Last of Us 2.
  10. How To Use Photo Mode: Wondering how to use Photo Mode in the Last of Us 2? Then read this guide where we break down the process to get the perfect photo.
  11. How To Unlock New Game Plus Mode: Here is an informative guide that will help you learn how you can unlock the Last of Us Part 2 Game Plus Mode easily.

The Last of Us Part 2 Safe’s Location and Safe Codes

  1. All Safe Codes: Here are all safe codes, you can unlock a ton of supplements in them.
  2. Grocery Store Safe Password: The first safe is in the super market and it has a ton of supplements.

The Last of Us Part 2 Combat & Weapons Guide

  1. How to kill enemies quietly: Here are some more details about using Stealth Kill effectively in The Last of Us 2. An important combat skill to kill the infected with minimum trouble.
  2. How to Stun Enemies: Stunning enemies is a pro level move allowing you to halt the time for some seconds. You can then strike and take down enemies in one single attack.
  3. Upgrade Weapons: To upgrade weapons in TLOU2 you will need to unlock the workbench first. Check this guide for more details.
  4. Shotgun Location: Tips on how to find shotgun in Last of Us 2, the weapon is in Seattle and on your way to the court.
  5. All Weapon Locations: Here are all twelve weapons locations in Last of US 2 that includes Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, Bow, Crossbow, Flamethrower and a SMG.
  6. All Weapon Upgrades: With over 35 weapons upgrades to unlock for 12 different weapons here is the list of total Metal Parts required to upgrade every weapon.
  7. All Parts & Supplements Location In Chapter 1 to 5: Parts and Supplements in The Last of Us 2 are used to unlock new upgrades that will make the experience of playing the game even better.
  8. All Parts & Supplements Location In Chapter 11 to 15: Parts and Supplements in The Last of Us 2 are used to upgrade your weapons or your character skills. Here are all parts location for easy upgrades in tlou2.
  9. All Easter Eggs: Amazing references in The Last of Us Part 2 will make you feel nostalgic, some are really brilliant hidden in the form of Easter Eggs in the game.
  10. Kill Stalkers: Want to know how to avoid encounters with Stalkers or straight up kill them? Then check out this guide for some useful tips to kill Stalkers in Last of Us 2.
  11. 5 Tricks To Win Every Battle – Many missions in Last of Us Part 2 are challenging, just follow our tips to deal with infected, bosses and wlf guards. Double your survival chances.

The Last of Us Part 2 Boss Fight Tips

  1. How To Kill Shamblers: Want to defeat a Shambler? In this guide, we will explain the tactics you can use to kill Shamblers in The Last of Us 2.
  2. Who Is Abby In The Last Of Us 2: Abby is a new character who appears in the sequel. Find out who is Abby in The Last of Us 2 and what she brings to the story.
  3. Rat King Clicker Boss: In this boss battle guide, we will tell you the strategies to use to kill Rat King in The Last of Us 2 easily.

The Last of Us Part 2 Collectibles & Trophies.

  1. Training Manual Locations: Unlock all skills by finding eight different training manuals in Last of Us 2.
  2. Trading Cards Location:  Grab all 48 Trading cards and unlock a trophy also.
  3. Trophy Guide: If you want to earn all achievements and get the Platinum trophy, check this The Last of Us 2 Trophies guide and list to know everything you should complete.
  4. Engraved Ring: To get the trophy So Great and Small, you have to find an engraved ring in The Last of Us 2.
  5. All Supplies And Parts Location: Parts is The Last of Us 2 are some of the most essential things in the game as by collecting them.
  6. Barko’s Pet Store Key Location: There a gun holster in Barko’s Pet Store but it is locked and to open it you will need a store key. Check this guide for the key location.
  7. The Last Of Us 2 Review: Well, it seems that the power of the User Reviews for The Last of Us 2 has been not so well.

Stay tuned for more updates on Last of Us 2, we are going to add some of the most amazing tips, unlocks and updates in this Last of Us 2 Wiki guide.