The Last of Us 2 Walkthrough Part 7 – Flicker Boss Fight

In Chapter 7 of Last of Us 2 Walkthrough Ellie is left alone on her quest to find Tommy. You will find a bow and face a lot of challenges from WLF guards.

In the previous walkthrough of Last Of Us Part 2, Ellie and Dina were finally able to get out of the subway. After the flashback memory part, Ellie wakes up and she finds Dina nowhere. Dina is in the Radio Room, and this starts a brief cutscene. Dina chooses to stay and now Ellie is alone on her way to find Tommy. In this part of Last of Us 2, Ellie will be alone, but thankfully a friend will join soon. Similar to the previous part, Ellie will revisit a memory with Joel and fight a massive Flicker Boss.

Hillcrest – Seattle Day 1

Once you are back in control walk to the and climb on the crashed truck. You will see a few WLF soldiers driving away.

Workbench Location – If you are looking for a workbench the before the truck goes into the store on the right. Squeeze through the gap on the left wall and continue to the dead end. There is a room which is a kind of entrance to a cloth store. Look for a massive hole in the wall and it leads you to the workbench.

TLOU2 WLF Hillcrest

You can ignore the workbench location and continue moving forward after seeing the WLF enemies. Enter Ruston Coffee, go right, and jump over the fence. Go to the roof and then jump down, look for a broken terrace wall. Ellie will see WLF enemies with dogs, who can smell her presence. You can now use your Listen Ability to find out the scent trail. Staying away from that path will help you to escape from dogs.

TLOU2 Dogs Trail

Press R1 and you will be able to see a white line. The dog will lose your scent if you can walkway or distract the animal. Do not charge when the dog is near, use a brick or bottle for distraction. Find an alternate path to exit the place and take down enemies that are alone. For the first time when Ellie spots the dog, she runs to hide.

TLOU2 Escape WLF

Walk to the left end, distract the dog, and then go right. Exit this room and stay in the grass. Enter the door in the left end and exit from the crack on the wall. Continue walking in a crouch position until you find another door. But stay there for a while, a guard will soon show up, kill him in stealth. Walk pass this new room and you will see a red door, this is your exit point.

There will not be any more enemies once you quietly enter the red door. Look for stairs, go up and free a garbage bin by pulling the gate. Drag the been next to the garage and climb up. From the room jump into the hole in the wall and you will find a workbench, this is a cycle shop. Upgrade your weapons and continue to the streets.

Unlock Short Gun Holster – Carry Two Pistols

Exit to the streets, on your front, is a Liquor shop. On the left look with a shop with a red wall. Go to the backside, and pull the garbage bin to unlock a door. But beware there are a lot of Runners locked inside. Be ready to use a Molotov and guns. There is a green color safe inside, it has a Gun Holster. By unlocking this you can carry two pistols. The passcode is tricky to find, but here it is – 30-82-65, unlock and grab the holster.

TLOU2 Hillcrest Walkthrough

Return to the main street and look for stairs on the road left to the Liquor store. You can reach the stairs by crossing the stores on the left. Ellie will see a cloud of black smoke, here you will find a Bow and Arrow.

How to unlock a Bow?

This new place is filled with Runners. One of them will drop a bow you can use to silently take down enemies. No need for crafting silencers, and the struggle of sneaking from behind. On the front near a broken house, you will see a few runners. Stay in the grass if you do not want to attract all of them. Go behind that house and then jump through the fence on the right corner. Scan this house properly look for a broken door. Squeeze through a Runner will attack you, killing him will unlock the Bow. This also unlocks the Arrow crafting recipe (1xbinding, 1xblade). Unlock the garage door and practice the bow. Press R2 to draw and then shoot. You can recover arrows from dead bodies. Save your ammo you will need them ahead.

After you are done with the bow and arrow things jump from the right end towards the street and you will be back in between WLF guards. Use the arrows to kill the distant enemies’ focus on head-shots only. This part is tough and slow, to avoid dogs throw objects to distance. There is no shortcut here keep killing the enemies and progress towards the smoke.

TLOU2 Hillcrest Walkthrough

Thankfully Jesse will join the fight, you have to kill the WLF guards and grab the truck. Before Jesse starts the truck shoot approaching enemies. More WLF guards will bump and now this fight will be on trucks. After a crash, a lot of infected will join the party, keep shooting until Jesse crashes the truck into the water.

Joel and Ellie Hunting Trip

The next cutscene reveals Ellie returns to the theater with Jesse. The scene switches back to a flashback memory. This time Tommy and Ellie are on a hunting trip. Using his sniper shoot down the runners and continue following him. Follow his instructions to kill the remaining ones. Then continue with Joel on a horse ride down the hill. Inside a house, Joel will teach how to kill the Flickers and Runners in stealth mode. So once again you will go through all the stuff of sneaking from behind and killing the infected.

The Flicker Boss Fight

TLOU2 Hillcrest Flicker Boss

The biggest part of this objective is when Joel and Ellie find a boss. A huge Flicker Boss, be ready with the Molotov’s. Throw one to damage the boss and then target the head using the bolt rifle. Do not go much near, he will chase Joel. With this, there will be a few runners to make things hard. Let Joel handle the boss and kill the runners first.

Use the bat to hit the runners, after defeating one continues with the boss. Throw a Molotov, and press L1 to dodge. Run in circles and try attacking from behind. The runner you will kill in the arena with the boss will drop medkits and ammo. Just be in the fight anyhow little Ellie will not be able to defeat this monster. After the cutscene back at the Theater Ellie continues on its quest to find Tommy. We will continue this in our TLOU 2 Walkthrough Part 8. For more tips and tricks to do well in this game, check out our Last of Us 2 guides right away.