The Last of Us 2 Walkthrough Part 6 – The Subway, Radio & Museum Trip

In Chapter 6 of Last of Us 2 Walkthrough Ellie and Dina has to escape the subway, you will fight the Bloater boss. In the end there is a short memory trip.

In the previous Last of Us 2 Walkthrough, Ellie and Dina escaped the WLF soldiers at the TV Tower. Both managed to reach an underground subway station. This is a tough place to be, Ellie and Dina will have to struggle to get out safely. Go slow in the dark areas, and stay behind Dina. After a chase, you will be out in the theater where you will have to find a Radio and a Guitar. The radio requires power to work and the guitar will trigger Ellie’s museum trip with Joel.

The Subway

While running away from the TV tower you will find a way to the subway station by crawling through a pipe in between the debris. This place is also heavily guarded by the WLF soldiers, who are looking for Ellie and Dina. Just stay in cover, let the Flickers do their job. As you enter the station on the right there is a broken train compartment. Hide there until the Flickers kills all the WLF soldiers. If you stay hidden and in crouch mode, the flicker won’t attach they will chase the WLF guys. This will make your job easier, you can then kill the remaining ones.

Look for the locked train door, continue crossing the compartments, and soon you will spot a corpse with a mask. Go right and climb up using the stairs at the left. There is a room with a workbench. You can start upgrading your weapons here, whatever amount of metal parts you have, focus on getting more stability this time.

TLOU2 Subway Station

Exit the room with workbench and grab the rope on the right. Swing towards the ladder across the room. Go right to the room in the and grab supplements. Climb into the vent, you will see a new type of infected for the first time. After jumping down move in crouch position as this place is filled with lurking Runners. Your Listen Ability is going to help you a lot here. Follow the flash, and on your left, you will find a shutter door. Use the chain open and escape.

The Bloater Boss Fight

Follow Dina into an office, you are going to fight a bloater soon. This new place can be confusing due to no light. Using your Listen Ability you can track down the existing Runners in the area. There is a door on the right end of this room that leads to a bigger area, ignore the door with combinations. There is nothing much in that but still, if you want to open here is the passcode – 15243. Look for a room with pipes and you will see the Exit Door. But the entrance is locked, on the left end there jump through the railings and you can go to the other side.

Beware of Runners, play slow. Do not shoot or rush into attack using your Listen Ability focus on sneaking from behind. This where the boss fight with Bloater begins. He will jump in and run towards you. Use a shotgun, two bullets are enough to kill a bloater. After shooting stay back he will explode. Do not leave your position, a second will arrive in a few seconds. Walk towards the Exit Door, you will see an area with a train crash.

Walkthrough the compartments, just keep moving forward. Once you arrived at the big painting stand near the broken train compartment to help Dina. She will drop something to help you to go up. There will be cutscene where you will Ellie getting attacked. Dina will release for the first time Ellie is immune to the infection.

Escaping the Runners

Be ready run, a horde of infected will start chasing both. Just stay behind Dina, she will lead the path and you will attack the runners. Keep running until both reach the final exit point. Walk into the theater which triggers another cutscene. Ellie explains Dina about her immunity and the conversation also reveals Dina is pregnant.

The Theater

There are two objectives in the theater first to find a radio and turn it one. Second to find a guitar after playing that the story switches to a younger Ellie. A kind of flashback, so here is how you can complete both the objectives.

How to turn on the Radio

TLOU2 Theater Walkthrough

After the cutscene, take the stairs on the right, the door, in the end, is locked. On top turn right and look for a room right behind you. The radio is inside the room with a yellow door on the left. You will also see a yellow cable passing through the room all the way to the window. Follow the cable and jump out of the window. Climb up and you will reach a generator room. Turn on the generator and return back to the Radio room. Ellie will find some keys next to the radio. This is where this objective ends. Now the second mission is to find a guitar.

Where to find the Guitar?

Go downstairs and unlock the big red door which was locked previously. Walk towards the stage and behind the curtains, Ellie will find the Guitar. This will trigger a cutscene of younger Ellie and Joel. A memory from the past. An incident that occurred three years earlier.

The Museum Trip

TLOU2 Dinosaur Museum

You are going to play a brief museum trip here, a kind of father-daughter memory. This is the only exploration here, no enemies no fights nothing. A kind of smooth experience after the chaos. Follow Joel to the Museum and once you see him stopped near a tree, go right. There is a huge dinosaur climb on his head and jump. Follow Joel to the museum and explore. This objective ends when Ellie sees a Firefly log on the wall. Before this, she also experiences a small astronaut moment and has fun with silly jokes.

This is where our The Last of Us 2 Walkthrough Part 6 ends, and you can continue reading in The Last of Us 2 Walkthrough Part 7. For more tips and tricks to do well in this game, check out our Last of Us 2 guides right away.