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The Last of Us 2 Walkthrough Part 5 – Finding Leah

In Chapter 5 of Last of Us 2 Walkthrough you are in the middle of WLF Guards, Trap Mines and Runners. Making your way towards TV Station is not easy, and can be really long as there is no horse. This part is about finding clues to locate Tommy.

In the previous chapter, Ellie and Dina were finally inside the city and finds a clue about a TV Station. They have to find Leah who’s the photo was with the WLF guy who trapped Ellie. This is a long part because it mostly consist of walking on foot, crossing broken streets, houses to reach the TV tower. There are mine traps, and WLF Guards. To make things easy I had broken this walkthrough into sections. The objective is to reach the TV station and find Leah in this part of the Last of Us 2 walkthrough. You will unlock a new explosive Trap Mine.

From Hole Servene to the TV Station


Starting from Hotel Servene where you found a clue go left. On the left side of the hotel there is a blocked road, look for a blue garbage can and jump over it to enter. There are Runners inside, kill them all, and investigate the dead boy in the hall. Check the front desk on the left for supplies. A door on the right is your next path, you can choose to grab the pipe melee weapon.

There is a second dead body, go to the upper floor and there will be one more. The first room on the right with a white door will trigger a cutscene where Dina and Ellie realize he is torturing WLF people. Ellie gets a clue for another gate East 1 – 7302, this is your next objective. Exit Hotel Servene, on the left end of the hotel, is East Gate 1. Just turn on the generator to unlock the gate, it is in the right corner.

TLOU2 Walkthrough


Shortly after crossing the gate, WLF will capture Dina and Ellie. After the cutscene grab the glass piece and cut the rope to free yourself. Press Square to cut the rope and help Dina. Things will turn serious after saving Dina, you will be attacked.

Escaping the WLF

From here a large part of the game is all about fighting. Hopefully, you have to keep ammo refilled. Also by killing enemies you can collect weapons and ammo from them. Focus on staying in cover, use the Stun Attack by throwing objectives on enemies. It is a one-strike kill, use the Listen Ability to track down enemies’ location. There are more outside so save bullets. Stay with Dina she will tell you where exactly to go. After clearing enemies inside you will be in the outer area with tall green grass. That’s your camouflage, use the environment to sneak from behind.


TLOU2 WLF Combat

You have to play with patience here, human enemies are easier to kill compared to Runners and Flickers. Try shooting to head to save bullets, and if you are attacked throw objects to stun them. Run towards them and press Square for one strike kill. If you use Stealth Mode then you won’t face much competition, enemies will keep on coming in. The objective is to escape WLF and reach a safe location. Kill all the enemies in the grassy area and scan for supplies. Then climb up following Dina, you will be on a roof. Look on the right near toolboxes for ammo.

TLOU2 WLF Combat


Crawl below the panels, there is no place to hide on the roof. No need to attack anyone, just stay with Dina and she will take you to a window. More WLF Soldiers will arrive with dogs, that is going to be a problem. The best thing is to leave, go to the roofs ends and turn right. Jump into the balcony on the left. Check our Journal for Leah’s photo and Leah’s note, it talks about some TV Tower. Be with Dina and once you see the streets there will be a cutscene that will reveal your next location the TV Station.

How to reach the TV Station?

The objective is to find at the TV Station, but it is far far away and there is no horse. So you will be on foot all the way, the nearer you are to the station the more guards you will see. Scavenge all rooms and spaces on your way for ammo and items for consumables. Follow Dina, at the end of the street go right and you will reach an empty pool. Cross that and you will be on the streets, there is a trap mine in Capitol Inn.

TLOU2 Capitol Inn Motel

Just walk towards the handicap parking signal and look at the right corner of a garbage bin. Drag that and use it to climb up on the balcony. Scan the house well for supplies, a trap mine in the bedroom with a red wall. Check the bed and collect this explosive, it will be highly useful later.

TLOU2 Trap Mine

Drag the same garbage bin to the fences, and jump to the other side. There are guards around make sure to be in cover. Use the Listen ability to spot where they, and take them down. After clearing around 4 guards you will be good to go. There is a workbench at the gas station, go inside the store with A/C Service sign. There will be guards inside, so beware.

WFL Guards:

Assuming you have collected enough metal parts and has as pistol and rifle you can focus on improving the weapons capacity and stability. Also, spending on damage will be the best thing to do right now. You can carry up to four weapons and upgrade the one you are using the most. Next, you will encounter a group of runners and after reaching a checkpoint you find guards roaming around.

Do not ambush, be in cover, clear all of them one by one. Check the upper floors of the building for hidden enemies. This is going to take time until you reach a gate where Ellie will help Dina to jump to the other side. Finally, they will be able to see the TV Station which is not far.

Seattle Military ZoneTLOU2 Military Zone

The story continues in the same format, but now there is a new problem. There are explosive traps, flickers, and runners everywhere. You can use the explosive traps against the infected. Just stand on the other side and they will run right into the mine. Saves your time, energy, and ammo. This will also open up the path, or else you cannot move forward.

Jump into the broken ground and slide down, follow the water stream towards the broken flyover. Investigate below the flyover, there are few bodies and a dead horse. Continue with the water and at the on the left, you will find a way towards a street with more bodies. While moving around in this area watch for the trap mines, they are placed everywhere. Between cars, between doors, etc, on your right is a gym class break glass to go inside. There is a workbench inside you can use to upgrade weapons.

TLOU2 Defuse Trap Mine

To destroy the mines use objects, throw it on the can and it will explode. Throw bricks or bottles on the can and you can move forward. You reach on some stairs with mine traps, use the bottles around to denote them. Jump from the right fence to enter the locked zone at the end of the stairs. The stairs will lead you to the TV station.

The TV Tower:

TLOU2 Enter TV Station

The round building, on the right there is a blue van. From there climb up on the building walls, to reach the upper floor. There is a dead body go to the end and grab the rope to go further up. Make your way to the main hall and you will see a lot of hanging bodies. From their take, the stairs on the left and follow Dina until you reach a balcony.

TLOU2 Enter TV Station

You have to walk through the outer edges of a massive window, to enter another room. There is a body at the front of the door. Unlock the door and go upstairs, follow the blue cable and you will find Leah. In the cutscene, Ellie finds some photos in Leah’s bag where see identifies Abby. Both hears a radio transmission and choose to leave the place.

But the action is about to begin, WLF guards will ambush the place. Kill them all in stealth, it is easier to sneak from behind because it is a massive area. Most of the guards will be around the main hall, searching for the intruders. Soon you will be surrounded by bullets, as you reach near to the exit, follow Dina. She will take you to to the exit point, just keep running. Use the debris to cover yourself and once you are at the dead-end go right towards Level 1 sign.

The route leads to a subway station. We will continue our updates in the next part, TLOU2 Walkthrough Part 6.  For more tips and tricks to do well in this game, check out our Last of Us 2 guides right away.